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  1. Wingsor

  2. Hockey Commercials /merged

    BEST WINGS COMMERCIAL EVER! That was wow good times, what a team, what great attitudes... Shanny is awesome! Would love to see him doing something with the Wings organization.
  3. Congratulations Chris Osgood!

    CONGRATS OZZY! Very happy for him to get this win, and if he couldn't get it at home, I can think of no more of an appropriate place to get it than in Colorado! GO WINGS! GO OZZY!
  4. Cue the Keith "Tkachunk" jokes

    LOL!!!! good catch!!!
  5. Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

    that sucks, maybe im just lucky with who i run into the few times im in toronto, you would know better since you live there. I think like the guy said in the next post, there are good and bad in every city...i noticed a change in windsor leaf fans though, since theyve missed the playoffs for so many years, the high percentage of them that were acting douchy, have changed and are very quiet and humble about their leafs and they BS about me loving the wings and because im in windsor im supposed to like some team 4 hours away. lol all of thoe things you say they are saying in toronto now, is what they WERE saying 10 years ago in windsor, heheh. Maybe its frustration up there now, i havent stopped in toronto in a few years now. It is kinda sad though in a way lol. for a wh ile i was happy they were missing the playoffs because the majority of windsor leaf fans were such knobs (with exceptions of course), but i mean now i feel like life is kickin them repeatedly when they cant get any more down! Karma says, dont be toooo hard on them lol
  6. Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

    In windsor, our brand of toronto fans seem to do that, youre right, but once you get east of london, theyre pretty knowledgable realistic fans, who have been subject to like you say, bad drafting especially during the Ballard years. Rabid windsor leaf fans aside, i feel bad for the local TO fans. you dont hear Wings bashing when you go up there. Look at a windsor leaf fans face when you even suggest that toronto had a junior team named the red wings lol. (can anyone confirm that? someone told me that before) The cap has partially disassembled chicagos winning team though, and its cost us keeping many players lately even if we remain an elite team. It's sad to lose skilled players if they want to stay , and the fans and management wish they could keep them. I think a luxury tax would have done much better for the game. Have you been east ot London and talked to a local toronto fan? theyre not so bad. doesnt mean i like their team though lol. GO WINGS!
  7. Habs Leafs 3D game

    NOW THERE YOU SAID IT! i was listening to a tech show on the radio and they were saying that true lifelike 3d through screenless holographic tv setups are about 7-8 years away and to not waste your money on this interim 3d stuff either. If that looked real, that would be amazing! I wonder how the older games would translate into holographic... imagine seeing the wings greatest games boxset in holographic 3d like theyre in the room with you, damn!
  8. Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

    As long as we have Bettman and his Communist cap, we will continue to see big market supported franchises suffer for long periods of time. I don't understand why we have to destroy big markets to fund empty arenas etc and all the other excuses. A luxury tax that was suggested here on LGW before was the best idea ever, would have hurt noone and helped some of the smaller, but more durable in terms of longevity teams. I shudder to think of the amazing dynasties over the years and great competitive teams that didnt always win cups, that never would have happened with the cap, eg Detroit, Montreal, NYI, Edmonton etc. Those things sell the game. People who love the big guys go to see the stars, people who hate them come to see if their team can beat them. This forced assimilation is BS. Look what the cap has done to Chicago. They shouldnt have had to lose players from their cup team... how can you keep a team together and the fans feel like family anymore. (and all the cap supporters crying about buying a cup in the past...REALLY? If that were the case, the Leafs ironically would have won plenty of times in the last 20 years, and the Rangers more than once, etc etc) I don't like Toronto, but I feel horrible for them, and it's unfair, and I don't see them making the playoffs anytime soon. I feel bad for their fans
  9. Habs Leafs 3D game

    I completely agree. The human eye doesn't work the way so called 3D looks. It looks like a bunch of flat plastic transluscent 2-d cutouts, or some old viewmaster crap in HD. In fact it sucks compared to HD, for example, watching Avatar in HD is far more detailed and looks more realistic than that 2-D 3D crap, you cant stare at the foreground things (which look flat) without noticing that the background becomes kind of lost, or blurry in some cases. People are going to be even more pissed when they find out they bought 3D tvs for alot of money and wasted tons on glasses, that will be obsolete when the Yamaha, and/or Panasonic come out with thei GLASSLESS 3D tvs in 2011. Even then, it will become obsolete IMHO. HD is just catching on, and it looks more real. Even if 3d were good, it would have a hard time catching on when people just bought HDTV's. GO WINGS
  10. Red wings Photos

    THANKS MAN for posting this again a bit bigger. its a little larger....would love to print that out, but if thats as big as it gets I'll try to do some tricks in photoshop to get it print happy just to see this pic again, been looking for years!. you know who took this??? or anything about that similar pic with them on the bench!?
  11. Red wings Photos

    WHOA thats almost identical to the picture im looking for... the one of the russian 5 in the silhouettes/shadows!!! do you have that larger so i could print it out, or know where i can find it? i am also looking for a pic that is almost identical to that but they are on the bench in uniform!!!! been looking for years!!! do you know who took that pic?
  12. Red wings Photos

    does anyone know where you can purchase or find a big photo online of the russian 5. The one I saw years ago at a store in Oakland Mall in Michigan had the 5 of them all sitting on the bench together, the shadows on their faces made it look almost like semi silhouettes, and it was mostly from the logo up to their helmets only. Classy awesome picture but cant find it anywhere else since then. Anyone seen this pic?
  13. SCF Game One GDT

    Clearly clairvoyant! Good call! Go Hawks! original 6 > pronger.
  14. everything he just said, well said! the reffing STUNK!
  15. Thanks Matt!

    Thanks Matt for bringing the boards back so fast. Love this site. Whoever the moron is that thinks some black chicken and the ugliest flag I've ever seen is more entertaining than the best hockey boards for the best hockey team in the world, can #$(* OFF! LETS GO WINGS > ALL! (wow i gotta update my pictures, I'm always entertained enough reading everyone's posts that I rarely get around to posting lol)