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  1. Team Fans

    Its not just that the people who think their hockey fans don't know any thing. Last week a kid told me that "hasek had a awesome no-goaler" i asked him if he ment shutout and he just look at me and asked me what that was. not everyone is like that but there are deffanately a few out there
  2. Team Fans

    I used to live right outside of ann arbor and the fans for any detroit sports where quite intense there. It was there that i learned to love hockey and most of all the wings. Yet the season before the lockout i moved back to good old rochester new york where your a super fan in my school if you know 2+ players on the team and have a shirt that is remotely the same color on the local teams jersey.No one even was even aware that buffalo had a hockey team untill the sabres made the playoffs last year. I also heard that there is a strong chance that Buffalo will win the cup (Down 3-1 to Ottawa) and that the level of hockey is SOOOOO much better in the east than the west. Is this just in my area or is this in every town in america because its begining to dirve me off the deep end?
  3. Redwings flashback: 2002

    At a party watching my first ever hockey game and you could tell when the wings would score because everyone in the house would erupt screaming whenever detroit scored. Iv'e been a diehard wings fan ever since.
  4. CONFERENCE FINAL Wallpaper Now Available!

    Love it plus my Band-wagoning friends (for the Sabres not the Wings) love it too THANKS MATT
  5. Summer 2007 Wishlist?

    The only thing detroit needs is a new goalie b/c you have to admit it Haseks not getting any younger. He may play like a man on a mission but sooner or later his age will catch up with him. But hopefully not untill the playoffs are over.
  6. Olli Jokinen to Nashville?

    Heres a scary thought Olli Jokinen to the predators This would make their starting line Kariya:Jokinen:Upshall would it affect detroit and do you think that it would make nashville into a stanley cup winning team?
  7. Detroit interested in Giguere?

    Let Legace continue to play the way he is and the wings will still win. And if Legace steps up to the plate we may once again host the Stanely Cup again at the Joe.