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  1. Ken Daniels has been calling college hockey for the last two days, with more enthusiasm than he does for the Wings, hence the raspy voice.
  2. Wings are out of gas
  3. Too bad they only do current players. McCarty and Claude wouldbe easier, and cooler
  4. Does one great rookie season warrant a figure from Mcfarlane? I think it's great, but.....
  5. JIMMY!
  6. Well at least we didn't shoot the puck in our own net in overtime, ala Dan Boyle
  7. Preds Win
  8. I knew that would work
  9. 5 minutes before the end of 3rd period
  10. Has to go to the net first!
  11. C'mon Boys
  12. Keep it up Montreal
  13. It's also on CBC
  14. LEBDUH!