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  1. StevieBoy

    Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    Not every time...and he couldn't every time by Suter either. But Pavel is nearing a god in his own right. I'd sure love to see Pav and Nick 1-on-1. Would be damned entertaining.
  2. StevieBoy

    Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    Please...if the requirement was that they could defend Pavel then we'd have noone on the blue line except Pav himself.
  3. StevieBoy

    Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild's something strange...I went to look at his specific stats and Suter doesn't show up in the player list on He should be at the bottom off the list at this
  4. I might be remembering wrong...but didn't he play a couple games in the Swedish league this year? Not olympics (although I know he played there also) but I thought he played in the Swedish Elite league. If that is the case then he would have been ineligible to play in the NHL the same year.
  5. StevieBoy

    Early Penalty Watch For Game 1

    Ya know, I'm a huge wings fan...have been for 25 years. So I don't say this as someone not dedictated to this team. I even go overboard as a fan at times...wear a Wings hat almost every day, especially in the spring...go back to Detroit or see as many games here in Denver as possible...even flew to Sweden for game 1 this season. But I hate...hate...hate this attitude that so many wings fans have about how the Wings are treated unfairly. Yes, there have been bad calls against us. Some of them make you wonder how it could have possibly been called that way. But the fact is there are bad calls against every team and, oh my, even some in our favor! The officials are not trying to make the Wings win, or any other team lose. They make poor calls sometimes but they are just a couple guys on the ice seeing whatever they see from the one perspective they had at the time with things running full speed! So many fans (and not just of Detroit, but others also) watch the replay over and over from various angles at super slow speed and then proclaim how terrible the officials are because they made a poor call. The rules don't allow them to video review what happened and reverse a call based on that review. They are left at the glimpse they have of the situation as it happened. I sincerely doubt there are any humans that could perform the same job without any less controversey. Yes, it sucks when this happens at a bad time. But it happens. And I think worse than fans that complain and won't let go of a call that occurred in the past is the notion behind this thread. That before the teams even take the ice, the statement is made that our poor mistreated wings are going to be treated so unfairly that we'll lose the series. This sort of thing gives Wings' fans a bad name. When you read nearly any national site there are at least a couple articles a year about the whiny red wing fans. I cringe every time I see them but I can't argue them because there is certainly some truth to it. The only group that handed the cup to the Pens last year was the Wings. They ran out of gas and a couple injuries put it over the top. No conspiracies...the wings didn't keep up tbe intensity and they lost.
  6. StevieBoy

    Picture from the Statue Of Liberty play soon as I posted this I remember where I had it. In case anyone is interested...
  7. Hey guys...a few years back I remember a thread with this amazing high res picture from the moment where Roy dropped the puck while in the Statue Of Liberty pose. It was a pretty picture that showed him, and detail of the fans in the background with horrified looks on their faces. I thought I had downloaded it but I can't find it. I've also googled but can't find it. Does anyone still have this image?
  8. StevieBoy

    This intent to whistle bs ....

    Campbell and Betteman are talking about this on XM now. Campbell went as far as to say that the official should have let the play go up to the booth (it's their call once they blow the whistle) but won't quite say it was really a bad call. Betteman is just hiding behind the 'intent to blow' thing. Rules or no rules, they had their chance to just admit this was one of those times that the wrong thing happened and they're just danced around it trying to justify the waived off goal. Edit: They're acutally saying that the official lost site of the puck because ot was in the net and are backing it up. It kinda sounds like Campbell is trying to say it was a mistake but Betteman is double-talking around it.
  9. StevieBoy

    DirecTV dropping Versus network

    This doesn't get the Versus games back, but I just called in and got a $10 monthly credit for the next 12 months because of this so, take that $120 off the $160 charge for Center Ice and I've got a pretty good deal. And as far as the Sweden games go, I'll be at the game so I guess I don't need it on TV.
  10. StevieBoy

    rebuilding year?

    I'm not sure I get this...rookies like Cleary, Datsuk, Zetterburg, Franzen, Holmstrom, Filpula, Kronwall, Lidstrom, Stuart, Rafalski, Lilja(we'll see what happens with him), and Meech? Yes, we have some younger guys playing but that includes Helm, Abdelkader and Ericsson who may be young but have shown they can contribute beyond their years of experience. Just about all the players I named are players any team in teh league would try to build a roster around. OK, so we picked up a couple 3rdd or 4th liners like Williams...but they do not define the team and they'll be fine in the roles they are there to fill. We've also got some good talent sitting in Grand Rapids still. This is not a rebuilding year. A retooling year? I think every year is a retooling year for a good team that tries to be in it every year. EDIT: And as far as fatigue, these are pro athletes, they are not tired. They looked tired in the finals because there were alot of injuries. Lidstrom was playing after he had his nuts operated on...of course he'll be tired...Datsuk was still roughed up, etc.
  11. StevieBoy

    Don't expect the Wings to make move today

    I don't understand why people are so down on our roster. If you compare it to the 2008 season where we did win the cup: -Hasek is gone - who cares? -Dallas Drake is gone - Good strong grinder but not irreplacable -Kopetsky is gone - I think he spent the better part of the last 2 post-seasons injured... -Downey/McCarty - Love McCarty but I think his career is done, Downey I'll admit I'll miss -Chelios - it was time -Samuelson - Not gone yet...we'll see in the next couple days Am I missing anyone? Now, our additions: -Ericsson - swap him in for Chelios..a plus -Helm - Drake isn't even comparable..a plus -Abdelkader (I know I spelled it wrong...lay off) - Not sure if he gets the call up but big offensive addition -Leino (if we resign him) - He's gonna be awesome in the very near future Yeah we lost Hossa but the team did fine without him the previous year and he never really delivered in the playoffs. We (myself included) are a bit spoiled but the reality is we've got a freakin' strong roster. Every year people think that if big changes aren't made to the roster it's a bad thing. I totally disagree!
  12. StevieBoy

    Still Champions

    Nah...I don't buy it. Nice sentiment and I agree the season wasn't a complete failure. But we're not champions. Winning the division, conference are accomplishments for the team but doesn't make them a champion. The wings lost the cup. There can only be one champion. This year that title goes to the Penguins. That being said, here's to next year! Go Wings!
  13. StevieBoy

    will game 7 be streamed live online anywhere?

    If she loved you she'd get cable...or let you all go out somewhere that had the game on...This is game 7 of the SCF!
  14. StevieBoy

    Where to find stats for Stanley Cup Finals only

    Well ya didn't ask for that...
  15. StevieBoy

    Where to find stats for Stanley Cup Finals only

    This is one of the best sites I've seen for this: You can search one team against another team, one against all, 1 or more seasons, regular season games, playoffs, final only, when the first teamis up a certain number of games, games on certain days of the week...very flexible and cool reference tool!