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  1. TheWestWing

    Rick Nash?

    Always thought Nash underachieved based on the personnel around him. He could make a huge impact on the league in the right situation. No way tho to move Smith. We're gonna need all the D we can find.
  2. TheWestWing

    1/19 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Coyotes 2 (SO)

    Bout time they got here. We'll be easy to spot - I'll be next to the good looking redhead. Since they allegedly had the day off yesterday and twas sunny here, I make the O/U on Sweedes with Sunburn at 4.5!
  3. TheWestWing

    Realignment decided - 4 Conferences

    Not really. Since they had to move WPG now (so they said - I mean, we've been traveling Left forever. So make WPG go South for a bit), this also gives them options for when (gasp!) PHX may move. Since PHX will currently be in a Conf\Div with 8 teams, all they'd have to do is move the new QBC\ONT franchise to one of the Conf\Div currently with 7 teams. Biteman was 'proactive' for the first time in his career. PHX was the real reason for this, not WPG.
  4. TheWestWing

    Ken Daniel's Dad passes away

    Condolences Kenny. Strades is the best of the best. He'd be great with a an empty coffee cup. Too bad VS wastes him with their crew. He and Panger were great for a spell.
  5. TheWestWing

    going to first live game!

    Best place may be here where they'll practice. They'll probably fly in Tue night after DAL so I'm guessing Wed practice. Call in advance and ask - everyone there is really nice.
  6. TheWestWing

    DirecTV threatens to pull FSNs

    You need to reauthorize your receivers - you can do it online. They had some issues on some subs when they shutdown the free preview. Had the same issue and this took care of it.
  7. TheWestWing

    DirecTV threatens to pull FSNs

    Yep I also switched last year like two weeks into the season - think Dish settled like 2 days later. Was a good move (at the time) when I found out that Dish had a lot fewer HD games at the time since a host of their FSN HD feeds were just 'part-time feeds'.
  8. TheWestWing

    DirecTV threatens to pull FSNs

    OK here's the deal if I remember correctly from when this was an issue with Dish. The NHL provides the feed for CI. They generally provide just the SD feed and its at the 'discretion' of the individual providers (DTV) to post the HD feed if they have it. Which is why you see most of the games in HD on DTV as they have the FSN HD feed in their lineup (and which is why some games on US feeds are not HD - think someone mentioned Comcast PHI). So if DTV pulls the FSNs, you'll still get the SD feeds from the FSNs on CI but no HD. Clear as mud?
  9. TheWestWing

    DirecTV threatens to pull FSNs

    Great - here we go again. Bit more severe that just pulling VS..... 'DirecTV Might Drop Fox Cable Channels' Fox says that DirecTV is threatening to pull the plug on its national and regional cable networks on Nov. 1 unless a new carriage fee agreement can be reached.... ..The networks affected include FX, National Geographic Channel, Speed, Fuel TV, Fox Soccer, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Movie Channel, Fox Deportes and the 19 Fox regional sports networks.'
  10. TheWestWing

    9/23 Exhibition GDT: Philadelphia Flyers 3 at Red Wings 1

    Nope. Feed is up albeit s***ty quality.
  11. TheWestWing

    9/23 Exhibition GDT: Philadelphia Flyers 3 at Red Wings 1

    Stick tap to the Flyers board at HF:
  12. TheWestWing

    McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

    Team prez says they will not play again this year. That would be tough for a fan as I'd think you'd want to try to carry on some semblance of normality, but IMHO its the right thing to do.
  13. TheWestWing

    Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

    Oh happy day!
  14. TheWestWing

    Brad McCrimmon will not return for 2011/2012

    Should we take Todd back if the Nucks sweep?