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  1. Jackets in 7, goaltending will be the difference.
  2. Subban got traded for Shea Weber. My gut says rangers in six.
  3. Ovechkin has said if the NHL skipped the Olympics that he would go anyway. I think he was referring to the games in Russia, but it will be interesting to see if he and some other players from the NHL decide to go.
  4. Yeah it was a fun night!
  5. Went to my first live Wings game tonight! It was a pretty good game considering both teams are pretty much out of the playoff race.
  6. Helm, Abby and Dekeyser to start ot?! Really and where was Mantha, hurt?
  7. Eaves can actually score, 17 goals in 47 games this season, which works out to around 25-30 goals in a full season. Jurco has 15 goals in 154 NHL games which works out to 7.5 goals during a full season. Of course Jurco is a lot younger but he wasn't even a big scorer in junior 68 points in 48 games was his best season. I think you are greatly overestimating his ability, chances are he never plays above the third line on any team.
  8. Sure anyone could, but why put a guy with limited talent on your first line?
  9. Jurco doesn't have the talent to play on any top line in the NHL. He can't even get a regular spot on our fourth line.
  10. Is it just me or does AA fall down a lot?! I like the kid but common stay on your feet!
  11. I watched part of three games of the first day of the tournament. Finland doesn't have the talent level they had the last tournament. The US is hard to tell as the played an inferior Latvia team. Canada looks strong, although goaltending could be their Achilles heal again this year. Sweden and Russia are the other medal contenders.
  12. Datsyuk left for two reasons that I can tell. Number one to be close to his daughter. Number two Detroit becoming less competitive over the last 4 years. To ensenuate that he left because Holland wouldn't promote Mantha seems kinda far fetched. I think Datsyuk understands that Detroit likes to overripen their prospects.
  13. I thought this thread was about Mantha, not Datsyuk. Mantha has impressed me with his play. He makes good passes, has a good shot and seems to have a knack for going to the net.
  14. Nice shot by Domi. Interesting that the Coyotes are 11 games in and Domi has 0 goals and Duclair has 1.
  15. Ericsson is a pylon. He can't skate at the NHL level. Holland should have gotten rid of him a while ago.