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  1. I would like to see Sproul, Oullete,AA and Mantha in the opening night lineup. Give them a chance, see if they're ready.
  2. Canada is the team to beat obviously, but they've won the last two major tournaments so I'm thinking another team might pull off an upset this time around. Team Sweden will have a good team up and down their lineup. Team North America will be fun to watch, lots of speed for sure. Russia has lots of scoring, but not great defense. Finland and the Czechs will have a tough time competing in this tournament I think, but are still talented enough to pull off a one game upset. Team Europe is an interesting team, they definitely have some top end talent up and down their lineup. The question with team Europe and North America is will players from other countries be able to get along and pull together as a cohesive unit. USA I think will be very competitive, maybe another World Cup championship in their future? We will see, should be very interesting!
  3. gdt

  4. gdt

    This game is a joke, the only Wing that showed up is Mrazek. They're playing the Carolina Hurricanes for crying out loud! This is painful to watch.
  5. I know Mantha will more than likely spend another season in Grand Rapids, but I would love to watch him in Detroit this season. The kid's got a great shot.
  6. I hope Calgary wins this one, I still can't stand Getz and Perry. My bracket however has the Ducks in the Final, i'm taking them in 6 games.
  7. I think it's a little early to be thinking about Montreal, this series is far from over. It could easily be 2-1 for the bolts in this series considering how the Wings played in the first two games.
  8. What a joke! How long is the NHL going to help the Oilers become a contender. The funny thing about all this though is that their goaltending and defense still stink. They could get another top 5 pick again next year too. How long is the NHL going to reward them for sucking.
  9. No he does actually.
  10. Two second round picks, but I digress I would have considered it
  11. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=733014&navid=nhl:topheads The NY Islanders have acquired defenseman Johnny Boychuk from the Boston Bruins for two second round picks and a conditional third round pick. They also acquired defenseman Nick Leddy from the Chicago Blackhawks for Tj Brennan, Ville Pokka and Anders Nilsson. Great pickups by the Isles, their backend looks decent after these moves.
  12. He's a really good junior player but that doesn't necessarily translate into a good NHL player right away or at all. I'm excited about him but I think 1 or 2 years in GR will be whats best for him.
  13. This thread is just plain silly.
  14. Tommorow the Penguins play the Blue Jackets at 6 et on NHLnetwork us. On Monday they will also carry the habs and bruins at 7et and the sharks against the canucks at 10 et. They will also cover 18 other games during the exhibition season, check nhl.com for the schedule.