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  1. RedWingAbner

    Filppula to Tampa 5 yr $5 million

    Contracts like this are the reason for the lockout. Overpaid by 2M.
  2. RedWingAbner

    The Overreaction Thread

    Good news guys, I hear Todd Gill is available again.....
  3. RedWingAbner

    The Overreaction Thread

    As eager as I am to sign that, it would be ignored.
  4. RedWingAbner

    The Overreaction Thread

    As long as Ken Holland is the GM, accept mediocrity. He's trained the fan base for several years to accept "we like our team," "our deadline addition is _______ coming back from injury," and "the price is too high." The game has passed him by, and he s-*-*-*s away players' careers by not adding necessary pieces (Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg). The price *may* be high compared to what it used to be....but can't tell me we can't sacrifice ANYTHING from the farm team to fix obvious deficiencies we've had for some time? But even then....yeesh....when Ken Holland does do something, does it not seem like a combination of drunken booty call (Quincey, Samuelsson) or flat out stupid (Coliacovo, Gustavsson). I anxiously await the day we get a quality GM again. It's amazing what people here stomach when teams like Boston and Chicago have figured it out. There are teams that have GMs that overreact....Philly, New York.....there are teams who have it figured out......and then there are teams whose GMs simply think showing up and collecting a pay check is enough (KEN F*ING HOLLAND)
  5. RedWingAbner calls Kenny the best GM

    The Drake re-acquisition worked. Danny Markov? Really? That one "glorious" season made you nostalgic? Brad Stuart, yes, I'll give credit there---good pickup, good price. But he is also an example of how Holland craps the bed. Stuart left this past summer, and what did Ken do? ......crickets......Carlo Colaiacovo? Brian Rafalski......that's a whole 'nother topic.
  6. RedWingAbner calls Kenny the best GM

    No. Look at the list of North American names on that list. They are the players taken in the first 3 rounds. They are also players Holland personally saw before the Wings drafted them. It's not hard to hit an NHLer with the first three rounds, and Jesus, during his tenure as head of scouting, our 1st-3rd round drafts were spotty. Curtis Bowen, Kory Kocur, Jesse Wallin ring a bell? Throw in the fact that guys like Sillinger, Pushor, etc were high round picks.....whew, glad we had Kenny at the helm for those picks. Players in the 5th round on are players he (usually) didn't see play and were found by Hakan Andersson. Hakan Andersson has made Holland look really good for a really long time. What, again, has Ken Holland done SINCE the implementation of the salary cap? He held together a Hakan Andersson found team for a while, then slowly let it crumble away. The biggest move he's made post-lockout #1? Bertuzzi? (I distinctly remember Marian Hossa's agent was the one who called Holland in 2008, and pitched the one-year deal). Beyond that, it's been a recurring cycle of re-acquiring players who didn't work the first time (Hello, Todd Gill.....Mikael Samuelsson.....Kyle Quincey......Jason Williams.....Ty Conklin.....Joey MacDonald.....)
  7. RedWingAbner calls Kenny the best GM

    The argument "Ken Holland doesn't suck because there are GMs who suck more" doesn't work. If people are going to credit him for the old system's success, then you can give credit to Shero for constructing a team for the new system. Holland has been an abject failure since the cap was implemented; I refuse to credit the 2008 championship to him considering something close to 60% of that team was Hakan Andersson finds.
  8. RedWingAbner calls Kenny the best GM

    Was this article posted on April 1st? Was it in the satire section? Ken Holland.....and the phrase "best GM".....should have a minimum 3-sentence separation, required by law. (Which I just broke). The parity of this league means that with shrewd management, any team can win in any year. Ken Holland has let this team crumble, afraid to do anything of significance, and a could-have-been dynasty has been reduced to the rubble of mediocrity. There is no more "rebuilding" in this league, save for the horrendous cases (Edmonton). In any given year, a team can make a few shrewd moves and win. If Holland was as good as people say he is, given the core we had, we should've been MORE successful. Pointing to the team's success and saying, "well, it was still better than most" is a cop-out to the fact that it should've been better.
  9. RedWingAbner

    Anyone else liking the pre 2005 more?

    Uh, It was a ton better when there were no salary restrictions.
  10. RedWingAbner

    ryan clowe haters

    What is up w/some people? They are convinced, whether they admit it or not, that Wings management reads these boards and always towing the company line will get them a job. That's the only thing I can think of, because to not criticize this team is ludicrous. Re: White....I can believe it. He still is a serviceable depth guy; we are only rebuilding when we don't like prices, all other times, we are trying to maintain a level of mediocrity that will lock in the 7th or 8th seed. That's the magic of Ken Holland--you get both--no value for players primed to leave but no "overpayment" to get pieces needed for a real run. Ahh, 1st round playoff exits....drink them in!
  11. RedWingAbner

    Holland retirement watch?

    Those were all great days of promise; Ken Holland's retirement will usher in an era of prosperity and change. No more "injured coming back=deadline acquisition," no more paying for crap (Quincey, Samuelsson) retreads and calling it "going all in," no more watching superstars of their generation (Yzerman, Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg) waste away at the end of their careers because "prices were too high." For every Brendan Smith there's a Jesse Wallin; I'd much rather give a 1st/2nd and know what I've got (Boumeester) for 6 years than hope a draft pick develops into J-Bo in 6 years.
  12. RedWingAbner

    Holland retirement watch?

    The greatest day in Red Wings history=when Holland has no impact on the team anymore.
  13. RedWingAbner

    Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    This is such a joke. We should unload Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, Kronwall, et all and stockpile these "high prices" for the rebuild. KH=whiney D-Bag.
  14. RedWingAbner

    Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    I live in Tampa Bay; the Lightning have a need--goaltending--and a surplus in one area--offense. You have to give to get. Conacher for Bishop was a good trade.
  15. RedWingAbner

    Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    Are you laughing at the trades where a GM actually picked up good players, or the fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs--a team perpetually mocked on these and other boards--are much, much BETTER than these Red Wings?