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  1. Didn't Nielsen run with Tavares last year? Hmm Tavares is kinda sniper type guy Vanek is pissed and wanting to score and he kinda sorta our sniper. Why not put them together along with a piano puller? Or maybe the magic Eight Ball sorted these new lines.
  2. sitting 25th in the league after last night our quest for a high end pick begins.....hmmm along with Chicago, Columbus, Buffalo etc etc. This team needs to learn how NOT to relax. They have no killer instinct in them like past Wings teams had. Notice how Tampa cranked it up at tie and especially after gaining the lead? I think that's what we lack but hey its just my opinion and 81 games to go. We could go 81 - 1 this year.
  3. Okay how many times did folks from here vote against Kenny.. Interesting quote from article "The Red Wings were once the best front office in the NHL running the best team in the NHL," Luszczyszyn wrote. "It's hard not to see that's all in the past though. People still have faith in their ability to find hidden gems at the draft, but not much else. "The team has done a lot of work to try and keep their playoff streak alive, but it's likely hurting the team long term as they seem content with one round of playoff hockey per year."...and LGW collectively says no s...
  4. signed

    Be on the same treadmill especially if we had missed by a whisker.
  5. Signed

    Not sure who should be more insulted by the above statement. Crosby being compared to Johnson or Z being compared to Glenndog.
  6. perfect cap to the day!!
  7. and now we know why Stammer stayed no way he didn't know about this...Front and backend studs
  8. I think after Stamkos stayed in Tampa Holland panicked. Oh well a potential bumpy season awaits ......gotta suck to be the coach. It's like being a carpenter asked to build a house with a bunch of screwdrivers and you asked your boss for at least 1 hammer. Hope Blasch has a LARGE supply of Tums ready for the season.
  9. How much left in KH's piggy bank?
  10. Eriksson 6x6
  11. I predict 5.5
  12. For 5.2 million X 8 years
  13. signed

    Going to garage and getting rope and tying hangman's noose before noon. So I can be like Holland and gradually choke the rest of the day.
  14. Kinda like the top 10 Stevens' hits many games would he have been suspended.... Kozzie hit was number 3 after that hit he was speaking Russlish neither Russian or English... sorry to derail but some of the hits are absurd plus he answered the bell if challenged.
  15. I think Scott Stevens had a lot to do with Lindros' career being shortened...back in the day where this was allowed. He was a big boy for sure see as Lindros goes after Stevens