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  1. I am with ya and rolling with Smashville in 6. Heck I might do the 3 hour drive to grab the sledgehammer pre game to just hit the Pens logo. Plus that area is FUN! Another major point Cary Underwood's favorite team is the Preds how can she be wrong?
  2. What a game going to be interesting tomorrow night for sure. So is it Flower back in the net or do you go with Murray? Or start with Flower and if he lets in 2 yank him? Decisions Decisions for Mr Sullivan
  3. 4 goals allowed Rinne must be a bit tired from carrying the load ...
  4. That's what I was wondering the trade was for the RIGHTS to discuss contract not that he is sealed and dealed to Dallas. If things go badly at the contract table Big Ben would be a free agent.
  5. I am going baby puke colors for stopping of the repeat. Unless Rinne pulls a Holtby he will be tough to get a puck past. After what the Preds did to the Hawks high flying teams don't seem to phase them. Of course they have to get past the quacks. I fear the Sens don't have the mojo to keep up with the Pens. Pens in 5 Preds in 6
  6. I am kinda hoping for Oil/Sens matchup be kinda neat. Although a Preds/Caps could be somewhat entertaining. Being only 3 hours from Nashville might be tempted to see about grabbing a ticket for s*its and giggles and ask Preds fans why do you throw the catfish and get that blank look in their eye as they say "I don't know"
  7. Hard to stop your natural tendencies. Crosby has been going hard to the net or being told to probably most of his life. At this point its sheer instinct ...opening to get close to net and score you do it without thinking. I think Holtby played the puck and Crosby caught the stick or a piece of Holtby's gear and loses his footing. After that it's simply physics an object remains in motion till an opposite or equal force acts upon it in this case the boards.
  8. In this trade scenario we lose Tater Tot and Petr and Jimmy so 23 - 3 = 20, We add Hamilton and Bishop 20 + 2 = 22 so we have 4 million to sign 1 more player. Or did I miss something math wise? and if we need to add 4 then Swedish kid plus 3 GR bump ups gets us under 4M
  9. And I assume Hornqvist should be suspended also based on his attempt to injure and happened to hit a teammate instead of the Caps player? His stick is parallel to the ice on contact which indicates a crosscheck. Wow this Pittsburgh writer's article is beyond belief... I seem to remember the board up in arms when Weber used a Hulk Hogan move on Z and never even served a penalty minute( I think). Way different then a crosscheck IMHO hitting a head accidentally. I didn't think it was targeting but we are entitled to our opinions. Issue is with Sid is that once the noggin gets bounced around hard enough it doesn't take much to re-injure. For reference see Mr Eric Lindros.
  10. i wonder if the Caps were looking past the Leafs in anticipation of this series. Key will be Holtby will he play like a stud or sieve?
  11. He just needs veteran guidance. Maybe a change of scenery and guidance from say a bearded Swede on how to properly handle the situation with your coach will straighten him out.
  12. Heeyyy I saw what you did there guess you think we need help defensively? LOL
  13. Perhaps the indifference towards the Leafs is the mass marketing of Ovie, Sid plus lack of a promising team. Now with Matthews Toronto and the league have a new potential icon. Toronto wins this series I am jumping on their bandwagon as I am pretty bored watching Red Wings hockey highlights on youtube.
  14. Toronto is playing the Caps the way I expected the BJs to play the Pens. I am feeling the upset of the playoffs is going to be owned by Toronto especially if they win tonight.
  15. You say it like thats a bad thing....