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  1. Yeah I quoted myself as its a great start to a review. First game was fantastic especially with faceoff leading to the winning goal happening right in front of us. Took pictures with center ice behind us until the usher kicked us out. Got pics at the statues until doing a selfie just cause sometimes you gotta, someone ran into me went flying...hit the cold and very hard floor and broke. So no phone the rest of the weekend. Ended up in casino till too late and lost way too much. Which brings us to breakfast ....OMG doesn't describe the Hudson Cafe!! Ended up getting there by 10:15ish and the lobby was stacked and it was a 20 min wait. Debated on staying but my lady said hey the dudes on the forum recommended it. Plus we were starving so we waited it out. The wait was justified monster plate of food and those pancakes seriously 2 as a side? Walked out of there 2 stuffed happy ticks to start our day. Megathanks to KR and Echolalia for the recommendation. Perhaps we should have a thread with lists of places to go to. So when we out of towners ask questions of places to eat when in town can have a good reference. We did appetizers at Hockeytown in the afternoon when we first got to Motown not exactly impressed. Did Chelis for dinner once again not impressed at all. But the breakfast at Hudson made up for both of the before mentioned places.
  2. Per this article StevieY #2 Lids #5 StevieY #3 Lids #8 StevieY on this list no Lids StevieY #8 Lids #13 hard to believe who they put ahead of Stevie .. and no mention of Hank....but maybe honorable mention for the bad ass beard? Seems no matter what Messier is always #1 not sure about that...
  3. Boom! Blash are you seeing this?
  4. or the pens...
  5. Hudson Cafe it its!! based on the world famous posters Krsmith17 and Echolalia recommendation. You had me at f**king amazing....LOL
  6. Hey all Any recommendations for a good breakfast place near Greektown Casino? I usually stay in Troy or further north due to family when I come back to see a game. This time staying at Greektown I will have a car in case that matters. Thanks
  7. Now that is some funny stuff...
  8. Anyone know how Hitch is with young players? Would he demand more out of the team? Oh wait I would demand more than Blash-process All I care is that they give a semi effort for me as I will be attending Friday's game. Thank God I am also seeing other friends/family etc to make up for the $$ I spent on this team to see them.
  9. 2015 - present Jeff Blashill 2005 - 2015 Mike Babcock 2002 - 2004 Dave Lewis 1993 - 2002 Scotty Bowman 1990 - 1993 Bryan Murray 1986 - 1990 Jacques Demers If you think about it ... Demers semi hard Murrray? Scotty oooh yeah heads would have rolled by end of November or earlier. He would be the model for hard ass/mental games coach Lewis "players coach" Babs considered a hard ass and at least he shows emotion on the bench etc Blash "young players coach" Anyone see a pattern hard ass then soft then hard Majority of the STREAK was between Scotty and Babs i.e hard asses I wonder if Blash is trying to be a friend to the players vs. a coach.
  10. Wait till they do the all star game in Vegas.....
  11. OMG too funny and that leads us to this. Hockey ever gets to this point we will see a lot of ghosts from hockey past rising up and haunting arenas to prevent it from happening.
  12. WINNER!!
  13. Rather than fines whack their pee pees...with a Xlb hammer dependent on the offense. That would slow things down a tad on the cheap shots
  14. Perhaps Jason Williams as the 5th entry into the Red Wings Hall of Suck
  15. Interesting l believe they showed a stat that Toronto had 10 rookies on the roster PLAYING EVERY NIGHT. So maybe this concept of overripe in GR is sooo stuck in Kenny's head he wont part with the vets? If Mike "tie goes to the vet" Babcock is playing that many rookies something is the air not to mention they absolutely crushed us at home. Man I remember when Wings at home was pretty much a victory or minimally a "give a sheet moment" I don't know if it's lack of talent, a splintered locker room, coach over his head, but geeze Louise they seem to skate in quicksand. Regretting paying serious money to come back for next Friday's game but at least I have Bronners to look forward to on Saturday!