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    Perry hit. Thoughts?

    Let's just say I have a much bigger problem with a guy grabbing somebody's head and slamming it into the boards then a guy being a little late finishing a check.
  2. evil204

    Anyone ever used a 2-3 system before?

    If Lidstrom comes back as the 3rd d-man, I'm all for it.
  3. evil204

    Would a Shorter Season Help or Hurt the Wings?

    Any other year, I would've said it will help. But this is a new, younger team that needs time to mesh. Mainly the defense - with Lidstrom gone, other players have to step up. Players like Ericsson, Smith, and Nyquist will need all the ice time they can get before the playoffs.
  4. evil204

    Playoff seeding & Divison winners

    Question about playoff seeding: Let's say the Sharks win their division and finish 3rd, with fewer points than Detroit. If we were to face them in the 2nd or 3rd round, would they have home ice even though we had more points?
  5. evil204

    What to do about goaltending

    Well, how about giving Conklin more than one start a month? He's 35. Sometimes, older guys need to actually play once in a while to get into a rhythm. He has one bad game and then he gets to think about it as he rots on the bench while Howard starts 15 straight.
  6. What, you think Babcock's hair takes care of itself? He needs time to make it look all perfect like that.
  7. evil204

    Has the NHL Competition Caught Up To Wings Since 07/08?

    But how many of these goal-scorers actually score at playoff time? Crosby and Ovechkin get shut down by good defensive teams. Hossa scored in 3 games during our 2009 run. I didn't really feel like goal scoring was an issue in our last two playoff runs.
  8. evil204

    Turris speculation

    "My prediction (based on pure speculation) is that Turris goes to the Detroit Red Wings, a team lacking an elite offensive talent" Ok.
  9. evil204

    11/1 GDT: Wild 2 at Red Wings 1 (OT)

    You know, I was thinking this too earlier in the season, but I would say he's given us the most consistent effort out of all our forwards. At least he's working hard every single shift.
  10. evil204

    Coaching part of the problem?

    I'm curious...have you ever lost an argument?
  11. evil204

    This team screams for a trade

    I think what we should all be worried about isn't any particular player or whether they're declining...they'll get it back eventually. We know what all these guys are capable of when they want to play. What we SHOULD be worried about is the fact that it's taking more and more for this team to feel any sense of urgency. They got embarrassed two times in a row and, with a chance to turn things around against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs the last two years, showed up with nothing more than an average effort. They lacked focus once again, allowing breakaways and leaving people open. In the past, you KNEW that any time the Wings got lit up, they'd show up with their best effort the following night. Not this year, apparently. This is the same team that sleepwalked through the first two games of the SJ series last year, stopped skating midway through their first elimination game, and didn't skate for the first 50 minutes of their second elimination game. Whether that's a symptom of too much success, or the fact that we've had the same coach for 5 years, the team being too comfortable, etc...the issue has to be largely mental.
  12. evil204

    This team screams for a trade

    This is true...but still, they always seem to start slow in the 1st period, getting beat to loose pucks, and really heat up in the 2nd or 3rd. I'm pretty sure 3-4 years ago their effort throughout the game was more consistent. Sure, they took games off, but they had long stretches of games in the regular season where they showed up for 60 minutes every time. Also, I think we would benefit from getting a few guys who play a more persistent game (think Helm, Cleary), rather than "smart positional hockey." Think Datsyuk vs Ovechkin. Datsyuk hangs around, waiting for the right time, picking his spots. Ovechkin races all over the place, hitting people and chasing pucks. This doesn't mean that Ovechkin is more effective, but players like Ovie can energize the team in a way that Pavel can't.
  13. evil204

    This team screams for a trade

    Would you say they skated for the majority of the time in the games they won? Do you think their efforts against Ottawa, Vancouver, Colorado, and Columbus (the first time) are good enough to win against SJ or the Caps? In some of those games...a bounce or two the other way and we lose. I don't care that they lost the last two games. I know they are going to take nights off and, once in a while, get totally embarrassed. I just think they didn't play all that well when they were winning.
  14. evil204

    This team screams for a trade

    Let's see...I believe we only showed up in the 2nd period against Ottawa. I don't really remember how we played against Colorado but I recall Conklin having to make some huge saves in that game. We looked pretty sluggish and out of sync against Vancouver, and didn't start skating until the 2nd period, although the defense was solid. I thought they had a lot of energy in the Wild game. Then they beat Columbus... I guess you could argue they played smart defensively even when they weren't skating - that's not hard to do against crappy teams that can't dictate the pace of the game, make plays, and force turnovers. I saw the same crap from the Wings in the two losses as I did in the five victories - they just weren't able to turn it around in the 2nd or 3rd period against better and/or hungrier teams.
  15. evil204

    This team screams for a trade

    The thing is...we played uninspired hockey in the 5 victories too, imo. We showed up for a period here and there, and won games against bad teams (except Vancouver, which was playing its 3rd road game in 4 nights). The lethargic play just didn't get exposed until we faced an opponent that has as much talent as we do, if not more.
  16. evil204

    Where to get copy of Friday Oct 7 Game

  17. evil204

    2011-2012 Schedule Magnet

    I've gotten them from Belle Tire in the past.
  18. evil204

    Wings have designated certain games "premium."

    Funny the October games against SJ and Vancouver aren't premium. They probably figured everyone will be watching baseball and football.
  19. evil204

    Best Playoff Series of the Last 15 Years

    How about Anaheim in 09?
  20. evil204

    Datsyuk or Zetterberg

    Just curious..how so?
  21. evil204

    San Jose Sharks

    I really think our problems have very little to do with age, injuries, or the roster. The Wings just lack hunger. Can't blame them...it has only been 2 years since their run of 11 playoff series in 3 seasons. They didn't show up for half of the series against the Sharks, and yet they took it to Game 7. They lost every game by a goal. If they had just worked a little harder here and there, shown up for one of the first two games, maybe they would have won. Having said that, it is hard to bring it every night against a team that's so much bigger and more aggresive. But we did it against the Ducks in 07 and 09. No reason it can't be done again.. Plus, with all their size and physicality, Thornton and Clowe both finished the playoffs with separated shoulders.
  22. evil204

    Wings re-sign Eaves to 3-year, $3.6m contract

    Doesn't he seem severely underpaid compared to Ericsson?
  23. evil204

    Free Agency Predictions

    Guys, our additions will be at the trade deadline when we get all our injured players back.
  24. evil204

    SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    They've only played 3 hockey games so far. The three in Boston have just been goonery. Burrows, Lapierre, Marchant, Lucic, Torres...even Kesler and the Sedins. First sign of adversity...cheap shot.
  25. evil204

    SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Neither team deserves to hoist the Cup. What a bunch of thugs. I'd rather see Cindy win it.