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  1. That's kind of the impression I get, that it was still in process. I would think they would publish as much as they could using whatever notes he may have made in advance, I don't really know otherwise. Either way, I'll be picking that one up. Edit: sp
  2. For those who might be interested, Probert was working on a book just before passing away. His family has decided to go ahead and publish the book. Linky:
  3. This. I enjoy the summer, and the hot weather. That's it.
  4. Yeah, the reffing in the series sucked. That pretty much sums it up. The refs need to have some kind of discipline for bad officiating. Seriously, it was rediculous. Whatever.
  5. Can we sign him to a long term contract right now at league minimum for say 25 years???
  6. This. The wings are what 2 and 9 for afternoon games? We suck in the afternoon. A later game will benefit the wings. They can rest more before the game. I'd rather they played great and I missed some of the game than played like crap, but I got to see them play like crap...
  7. In Canada, a mini-keg...
  8. Pain Train is taken...
  9. Amen to that...
  10. Can't wait to see Lilja playing again! Witness blocked shots... Don't get hit in the head with any pucks, though...
  11. Wow awesome game! USA played amazing. I hope Rafalski comes back and plays like that for the Wings. Maybe this will have ignited a fire in him.
  12. Was just about to post this... That whole article is written like the guy hasn't seen any NHL games past the Leafs regular seasons...Damien sucks...
  13. Good game, USA! Who is this RAFALSKI guy on defense? He was playing pretty good tonight! Wish the Wings would sign him to a contract! Be interesting to see if Brodeur or Luongo starts Canada's next game. .. Hopefully this is our only loss...
  14. Ward and Howard both have W's in their names. Ward, Hextall, and Howard have a's. Ward, Roy, Dryden and Howard have r's, Roy an Howard have o's...