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  1. Pronger Crosby Iginla Vokoun Perry
  2. "Why does Brad Watson still have a job?"
  3. Excellent, sounds like The Kentucky Inn is where we will go! Not sure when since the schedule isn't final yet, but we will be there! Thank you for your help.
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion on a Wings friendly place in Denver to watch the games that will also have Versus? My wife and I are going on vacation in Denver, CO, from June 8 though the 14th for a family wedding, so this will obviously conflict with whatever schedule is decided upon for the Stanley Cup Finals. I just want to make sure we will be able to watch the games somewhere.
  5. I didn't see a close up of Raffi. Anyone have a picture?
  6. Just like how when the game is over, the punches stop flying and everyone skates off the ice, right?
  7. Just bought my tickets to game 2 on Sunday. Can't wait, first time to the Joe this year.
  8. Oh yeah, I loved the "Zetterberg just scored" while they were raving about the man handling Commodore was doing. And damn FSO changing the channel the game is on just to air the Reds game instead!
  9. I had the fortune of meeting Scotty Bowman back in 2005. At the time, I was living in Florida and was purchasing a new car. I was wearing a Wings shirt and the salesman told me he is Doug Brown's cousin and also that Scotty himself had been in the office 2 hours earlier. He also said Scotty would be stopping by the next day and I could bring something to have it signed. Well sure enough, I went the next day to drop something off, and Scotty was there! I think he was a little taken aback as he wasn't expecting it but he was there to talk hockey with another salesman that used to play for a minor league team in New England some years ago. I got to listen to him talk about the new kids in the NHL, which at the time, were Crosby and Ovechkin. It was neat to hear his insight. When I needed to leave, I thanked him for all of the years he worked with the Wings. I wound up seeing him driving two more times after that because he had a very distinguishable classic car with a big Wings logo on the back.
  10. I know... Does anyone have it?
  11. Ditto, I am out of market and have been looking for this.
  12. If you go to any arena and watch a game this will happen. All of it. I'm not really sure why you are trying to equate poor hockey etiquette with only Red Wings fans but it happens everywhere.
  13. I just got it, too. Bummer, was looking forward to seeing this.
  14. Going to the game tonight, w00t! I'm calling it 4-1 for the Wings. Steve Mason is apparently over his mono sickness and will play if ready. Isn't this Datsyuk's 500th game?
  15. No way! What were they saying? Do you know if I can listen to the show anywhere?