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  1. Let's just pretend the Bruins are the Wings and the Canes, the Ducks. This was my worst fear for our game 4. Thank you, Wings, for being better than Boston and knowing how to win.
  2. What a shot by Staal! Good job, Canes Very deserved win. The crowd's been amazing, even when Boston tied it they never let up.
  3. Yup. After all that the refs missed in the 1st I could've sworn they would've made it up to the Canes. Not so much.
  4. Story of the game. I forget who it was, but there was a Bruins player earlier just literally holding a Cane down against the boards long after the play had moved down to the Canes' zone. Whyyyyyy? Canes fans must be ticked off with all the missed PPs. The Canes could easily be up by more right now.
  5. I love how the Canes are just creating chances everywhere without even getting dirty to do it. As for the Bruins... :| They're getting pretty frustrated. Anyone watching the Caps? Is it an exciting game? I can't bear to change the channel haha.
  6. Cam Ward is a beast! That goal wouldn't have happened without him. The Canes are amazing with all this pressure that they're putting on "the best team in the East." Pretty cool to see.
  7. That's amazing that Ozzie feels ready to go! He definitely looked like he was feeling more than a "twinge" of pain in game 4, but all that matters is that he's well enough to practice then start game 1. And I'm really liking the thought of game 2 on Sunday! Hopefully I can make it out - nothing like seeing the Wings in person
  8. I don't take most BJs fans seriously but.... you just don't say that. There are so many people in Detroit just trying to do the best they possibly can for their families.
  9. I'm watching the Pens' post-game now and I have to say, Crosby just sounded so mature. When they brought up the dissallowed goal, I fully expected Crosby to whine about it and use it as the excuse for why they lost. But he didn't in his press conference and just accepted what happened without excuses. Thank you for surprising me
  10. CONGRATS, WINGS! Even when you play like poo, and the other team is giving it everything they have, you find a way to do it. How many playoff game winners does Franzen have now?? Is the man clutch or what? To anyone wondering, the BJ announcers were quite upset over that last call. Since the accidental man on the ice didn't contribute to the play or whatever, they felt the ref should've let it go. Woops, sorry it's a textbook call. And basically they were awful all night. But that doesn't matter now - Wings go on Woohoo!!!
  12. Yuuuup. Considering our offensive pressure is also our defensive pressure.... kinda should be out there. But perhaps Babs is resting them up for the potential OT. And YAY PP! Do it for Oz!
  13. Ozzie holding up alright. And the Wings are protecting their zone MUCH better. Please, Hossa, get your hat trick soon
  14. Okay, I don't even care if Ozzie somehow plays out of his mind throughout the third. Because any little thing could tweak his injury further, which we simply don't need. Gotta give him props on his heart, though. However, if we tighten up the D like we had for periods 2-3 in the last games, and only allow them perimeter shots, Ozzie should be solid without having to move too much.
  15. Ugh this is just not the night of the goaltenders. Hurt or not, Ozzie needs to please not start the third. No need to aggravate his injury more. May as well let him rest for the third, see how Conklin does for possible future reference, and if we lose this game it's not the end of the world. Then Ozzie can maybe be okay for the next game. Now LET'S GO WINGS!!