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  1. Are you a fan of people vs. mascots?
  2. Would still bang.
  3. Let's Go Red Wings!
  4. They were pretty good skaters, though. Almqvist is both undersized (well, he is 0.39 inches shorter than Kronwall) and a below-average skater (at the moment).
  5. Get those from Elite Prospects, eh?
  6. Nope, Almqvist is staying in Sweden for at least one more season. "Yes, I will be staying here. I want to spend at least one more year in the SEL so I can bulk up. I need to get stronger, add a few pounds, I've been working really hard at that. Both me and the Wings want me to remain here so I can develop even further. Then we'll see if I'm ready to head over." Btw, Almqvist's biggest problem isn't his lack of size, but rather his skating ability. Opposing forwards tend to catch up to him too easily, and put him under pressure. He's sort of like Hudler on D right now.
  7. Let's ******* rage in the third!
  8. What the f*** happened there? Concussion?
  9. There's about 10.!-May-12th-2011-Stanley-Cup-Playoffs
  10. Yes, Clowe is in. Does anyone have an FS Detroit feed stream?
  11. Modano is out.
  12. Modano is out.
  13. Guess Miller.
  14. Yes! Let's Go Red Wings!
  15. Thornton will never be a true champion like Steve Y, that's for ******* sure. The epitome of classlessness.