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  1. Bjørn Botta Skaare

    There's a bit of information about the game at the Hockey Summary Project... if I'm lucky I might be able to find a newspaper reference, but I doubt that'll happen very quickly.
  2. Coming back from 3-0

    Not sure if this is #3, but: 1945 Stanley Cup Finals: Detroit came back from down 0-3 vs Toronto, but the Maple Leafs won (scroll to the bottom)
  3. Zetterberg not on list of 34 for Team Sweden?

    The ä in his name is pronounced like the a in English "sad". Both e's are pronounced something like "eh". When a letter is written twice in Finnish, it means the letter should be pronounced about twice as long (like in Italian, if you are familiar with that language), so the n in his name is held for a little while...
  4. Historical Question....

    But all five teams from the Adams division did make the playoffs that year. Toronto lost in 3 games to the Islanders, Buffalo beat Vancouver in 3, Quebec lost to Philadelphia in 5, and Minnesota beat Boston in 3. That's all five teams. I've got box scores from every game.
  5. 3/7 GDT: Blue Jackets 8 at Red Wings 2

    No, but to his credit, he was even in the 8-0 game against Nashville.
  6. 3/7 GDT: Blue Jackets 8 at Red Wings 2

    This year I've wondered why everyone always seems to think that every team in the league doesn't have games like this. Just as an example, everybody wants to talk about how great Brodeur is, yet he gave up 6 goals on 26 shots today (and he did not look too good). The Caps have looked absolutely dreadful this past week, and Boston has been losing left and right. We definitely belong at the top of the league. But games like this happen every year.
  7. Vintage Datsyuk

    Hahaha... thanks a lot for the video link! Datsyuk is a hell of a player. I was at that Washington game (still the only NHL game I've ever attended) and it's nice to relive a moment like that one!
  8. Cleary

    Good lord, man. He and Franzen each had six shots tonight.
  9. Playoff Format?

    It depends on who wins in the first round. In the second round, the remaining teams play each other with the highest-seeded team remaining playing the lowest-seeded team remaining. The higher-seeded teams are given home ice advantage. For instance, this is how it would play out if the bolded teams won their first round series... 1 Detroit vs. 8 Nashville 2 San Jose vs. 7 Calgary 3 Minnesota vs. 6 Colorado 4 Anaheim vs. 5 Dallas Then, for the second round you'd have these matchups: 1 Detroit vs. 6 Colorado 2 San Jose vs. 5 Dallas
  10. Update On Ze Wings

    I can see how depth may be a concern for the future, and I can also see how we might worry about secondary scoring, but to say the Wings have virtually no secondary scoring is ridiculous. They've gotten 120 goals from players not named Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Holmstrom this season. The entire Anaheim Ducks team has only scored 148. Let's be realistic here.
  11. 2/1 GDT: Red Wings 2, Avalanche 0

    In my experience, the official game summary and event summary at always have more information than any of the boxscores I've ever seen at any other website. Everyone makes the same complaint, but I don't understand why. Am I missing something, or is it just the formatting of the boxscores at other websites that everyone likes?
  12. How about Forsberg?

    I'd like some light shed on this "he's a terrible person" comment. It sounds like total BS to me.
  13. Complicated Osgood Question

    Very well said.
  14. Wings sign Mark Cullen

    Right. So clearly Ken Holland has been spending days and nights dreaming about career AHLers that he can bring to the Griffins. Come on, for Pete's sake. Every team signs depth skaters during the offseason. I believe that point is pretty clear. It seems to me that this has nothing to do with "disagreeing" and more to do with not using a certain important piece of human anatomy.
  15. New Name for Lang

    Yeah, a in Czech is pronounced like the a in father... so we've had it wrong this whole time. Ah well... GO LANG!