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  1. But will Zetterberg pass the puck to him now?
  2. I doubt other teams wanted him. That was likely some BS floated by his agent.
  3. ps

    The Wings are on a roll:
  4. But. He shies away from contact. Opponents know this and are going after him more and more. Ergo, his production continues to decline and because he stays out of the corners the Wings are easier to defend when Franzen is out there.
  5. If there is one absolute in late game lead protecting situations it's that Franzen should NEVER be on the ice. I have never seen a bigger, slower, out of position pylon and this is about the fourth time this year he has failed to defend against a game tying goal.
  6. Franzen could have gone down down to block or prevent Hossa'a shot. Instead he made himself skinny and once again avoided contact and that GAVE THE HAWKS A POINT.
  7. PS

    Update of my "The Flash" pic from '09.
  8. Here's a link:
  9. But Kenny would have had to re-sign Kopecky ( I bet Hossa was stipulating package deal all the way) and that wasn't about to happen.
  10. Hossa will likely be retained, but not at the expense of trading Filp. Number 51 is a keeper and is viewed as the "Golden Boy" by the organization, especially by Mike Babcock. I would second that emotion as Filppula will play an improving major role for years to come.
  11. Yes, Wings will win!
  12. Good thing he wasn't sentenced to have to watch all recorded Crosby interviews. That would have amounted to somewhat more than 20 years of time.
  13. Game 1 had good flow, Game 2, less so. As defense and forechecking intensifies (along with fatigue), longer and less precise passes occur and those lead to icing and offsides. There WERE more whistles in game 2 but not because of obstruction -- these were icing and offside stoppages. Both teams were "guilty." Also, both teams are being careful in the neutral zone trying to avoid turnovers and that slows things somewhat.