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  1. 3/6 GDT: Avs 3 at Red Wings 2 (OT) Sorry Nick.

    Couple questions, hopefully I have some luck. Has anyone seen the Season Ticket Holder "stub" for this game, and does it look like the Yzerman one that was very big, that almost looked like the banner? I keep every ticket stub from games that I goto, and It would be awesome to track down an "official" ticket. I was able to get one from Yzerman night, but this time around i'll just be printing my tickets. I would gladly pay someone for theirs if they don't have any attachment to it or are just going to throw it away. Whether you want to meet up tomorrow, or mail it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! email is kevindugal24@gmail.com - I don't post much on these boards anymore so that's the easiest way to get in touch. Enjoy the game and ceremony!
  2. Bob Probert passes away at 45

    This was my first ever Wings jersey. I was able to meet him at a golf tournament a few years back, and he signed it along with some other pictures. The ovation that he got at Yzerman's retirement night is proof of how much Wings' fans loved this guy. You will be missed Probie.
  3. Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    Focusing on some of the guys Ive seen with offensive upside... Joey Hishon of the OHL's Owen Sound Attack could be one of the major steals of this draft. At the start of this season, he was a top 15 guy in just about every list I looked at, but multiple injuries have really hurt him in the rankings. (Similar to Brett Connolly - top 5 potential that might slide due to injuries) Hishon was able to come back for about a month this year, and still was a PPG guy. Great offensive player, and if healthy can do serious damage on the scoresheet next year in the O. Tyler Toffoli from the Ottawa 67s is another guy that can fill the net. He has the potential to put up big numbers next year, he's just a little small right now, which might scare some teams off. He had 37 goals last year, and by the end of the 2011 season could end up looking like a very good late round pick. John McFarland of the Sudbury Wolves must have scouts pulling their hair out. Former first overall OHL pick, captain of an U-18 Canada team that won gold, and a promising rookie year. 2010 was somewhat of a disaster for McFarland, he failed to improve on his 2008 numbers of 20G-30A, and Sudbury was one of 4 teams to miss the playoffs. Let's remember this is a guy that was in the top 10 around this time last year, so a big 2010 season was pretty much expected. This is another one of those pure snipers that can score at will when he's on, but the consistency just isn't there yet. Jeff Skinner of the Kitchener Rangers... Its amazing what one playoff run can do for your draft stock. He turned a bunch of heads with his incredible play in April, going head to head with Nazem Kadri and the London Knights in the second round, and than putting a big scare into Taylor Hall's Windsor Spitfires in the OHL's conference finals. The big question is can his skating ability improve to an NHL-ready level. His ability to finish around the scoring area is amazing, and being voted "most dangerous around the net" by coaches certainly confirms it.
  4. Brendan Smith

    Smith was left out of the Hobey Top-3, and though I dont follow college hockey too much, I keep hearing the decision to leave him out is a complete load of crap.
  5. Michigan boys to watch

    I have seen Jared Knight play a ton over the past few years, as I goto alot of Knights games. The kid can flat out play. I have no doubt that if he was 3 inches bigger, he would be getting a real long look for the top 30 in this years deaft. He finished the regular season at 36G 21A 57pts in 63 games. This is with a noticeable lack of icetime under Dale Hunter. His ice has increased recently, and he should be taking a much larger role on next year - look for him to be top10 in OHL scoring. The things I really like about his game is the fact that he plays with an edge. He is constantly driving to the net, and sometimes is almost a little too reckless out there. He has great finishing ability around the net, and has shown great skill on 1on1's. He could improve on his playmaking ability, as the assist totals are down, but he also has to deal with playing with a couple puckhogs *cough* Kadri *cough*... so that cuts down on alot of opportunites for assists. Knight has also had a strong start to this year's playoffs, and whoever drafts this guy be getting a steal if he goes anywhere past the top 50.(crossing my fingers that I will hear the Wings call his name) Austin Watson is someone I have not seen alot of, but did get to watch him about 5-10 times in the last few years with Windsor. A lack of icetime was also a big thing that has been stopping this guy from really breaking out as a legit prospect. That has changed recently with a move to Peterborough, a team with much less depth than the Spitfires. He should put up some good totals next year, even though he managed to be just over a point-per-game between Windsor and Peterborough this season (20g-34a-54pts in 52 games). He has a big frame (6ft3), has good hands, and is one of the best shot blockers around. He has room to fill out, and hopefully will start playing more of a power forward game next year. He also has another great prospect in Ryan Spooner to play with, so he is not alone with the Pete's. Alot of draft lists have Watson going in the top 20, I wouldnt be surprised if I saw him go just past 10th.
  6. Joe Louis Arena Music

    THANK YOU I have been looking for the name of that song for YEARS now.
  7. T.J. Hensick Waived by the Avs

    I would love me some TJ Hensick on the Wings. He was a legit candidate for the Hobey a few years ago
  8. The New York (Hockey) Yankees

    I cant believe people are actually responding to this thread with legitimate responses.
  9. Worst saying by an announcer.

    If anyone watches the World Junior Championship on TSN each year, you know about Pierre and Gord. They are so bad and we have been so over exposed to them in Canada, that they have become downright funny to listen to. Gord Miller drinking game... pound a shot everytime Gord yells "INN front".. listen for it next game. Pierre trying to be cool and cater to the young audience is also awesome. Phrases like "roof daddy" seem so forced. In one 2 minute clip, we can almost cover what it's like to listen to these two all of the time. Pierre says "Ryan Ellis" about 8 times, and Gord drops the classic INNN front. enjoy.
  10. Mike Danton Interview

    this is what Danton will reveal in the interview. http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=67976...ton+david+frost wow...
  11. Mike Danton Interview

    im sure alot of people are familiar with the case, and theres probably another thread on this somewhere, but heres some information for those who are unaware about some of the details of Mike Danton and David Frost Detailed timeline of this bizarre case http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/rogueagent/timeline.html What is really weird about this whole thing, was the phonecalls from jail that Danton made to Frost. Heres a link to one of the conversations. http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/rogueagent/tapes.html Frost was brought to court last year on sexual assault charges stemming from a different case, but was aquitted of all charges.
  12. Mike Danton Interview

    Just saw the commercial, next wednesday November 11th. not sure what time.
  13. Mike Danton Interview

    when is it? this whole case is very interesting, I would like to see that interview when it takes place.
  14. He really didn't say that, did he?

    Yeah, Beezer dropped an "N" bomb towards his captain Trevor Daley during an argument, I can see why he stepped down the next day. This is just another dumb rule from David Branch and the OHL, which can be added to the long list of bad decisions that the league makes every year.
  15. Future in net currently residing in Grand Rapids

    I got to see McCollum play a few times in the OHL, he was VERY good at the junior level... his numbers show that. But he has performances in big games that make you wonder. Example #1... blowing a 3-0 lead against Canada. #2 the loss to Slovakia in the quarter final in the same tournament. #3 http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2009...p-bra-wind.html Holland, Draper, Yzerman, and a few others came to Windsor that night to watch McCollum, and the Spits shelled him. I still believe he can get himself into a #1 role here, but his track record in games that matter has to make the organization a little uneasy.