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  1. Game 4 Score Predictions

    I think the Wings don't have "it" this year. 4-1 them dogs.
  2. WCF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 2, Stars 1

    I HATE Versus. Finally get to watch a game on CBC
  3. WCSF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Avalanche 3

    Damn, Versus.......
  4. 10/3/ Center Ice on Dish

    I guess it is on Versus. I cnat watch the first game either. Fist time in 20 years I didnt see the first game of the year. Guess the NHL wants your money any way they can get it. They can bite me, GO Lions. out
  5. Nice red wing article

    Some truths already written here. As a long time player and fan of hockey, I am having a hard time adjusting to the new NHL. Long gone are the days of Probert, Burr, and Kocer on the same team. This is a "kind and gentle" NHL. And the expansion to so many teams has lowered the skill level too. I am going to a couple of games this year, but it is not the same as it was 20 years ago.
  6. Red Wing Alumni in da UP

    I was wondering the same... I have a cousin who went up there for college from Livonia. He thought it was kind of a joke up there, nothing to do, SNOW, bugs, yadda yadda.. Well, his college days have long passed some 15 years ago. The fool turned into a yooper. Go figure.
  7. What are you listening to? 2?

    "Tummy growling" - by Pucker. I need to eat something...
  8. Red Wings Nation -This includes YOU!

    Good suggestion.. With group rates EVERYONE gets a deal too. Cool to se ea sea of red in another place. Unfortunately, Redmon Tours already got your idea working. http://www.mickeyredmondtours.com/ Get your Lions tours here...
  9. Sad state of affairs

    Wings payroll went down almost 50%, yet tickets went up in a MICHIGAN economy. I say, "Bite me Mike".
  10. Who will be the new LGW whipping boy?

    I think Datsyuk is a prime candidate if he does not produce. With the BIG contract he got, the community will be furious if he does any less than a superstar.
  11. Drake vs Lang....who is better?

    Well, both are beyond their prime. Lang was a good goal scorer, and not physical. Drake is not much of a goal scorer, but likes to flatten players, he is fearless. Drake will bring in more leadership, and keep the other teams looking over their shoulder. I think that Drake is better defensively too. With 1/6th the salary of what Lang was getting, I think the Wings are better off.
  12. Wings sign Drake for 1-year, $550K

    Lordy, we got rid of one lazy a$$, I pray Federov never comes back. He was never the same when he got that fat contract in Detroit. I think his wallet slowed him down.
  13. Wings sign Drake for 1-year, $550K

    I think it is a good move. Intimidation goes a long way. You'd have to had played hockey to understand.
  14. Wings Want to Re-sign Bert Before Free Agency

    Bert really needs a performace based contract, and i am sure they are going for just that. His limited play in "D" proved nothing at all. He was slow, out of sync, and didn't really make much impact. But those are all things that are expected after back surgery and missing almost the whole season.
  15. Raffi Torres?

    Seems to be that you either love or hate this guy. Yea, it would be nice to get a bunch of big name players to come in. But face it, it AIN'T gonna happen. But I think he is worth a try, if we can get him for 2x his current salary.