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  1. That 3rd rounder from the Hawks will likely be at the back end of the 3rd round... it's lore like a 3.7th round pick. It'll be nice to see if Jurco can be the player he was projected to be.
  2. I don't post a lot here, but I've been on the board for years and years... reading topics. The term hater is an over used tripe. I'm not saying by you, but by posters in general. Typically people who saw the decline of this team coming over the last number of years were labeled as irrational, not "real" fans, haters, etc. I think that's in part why so many people seem to have disappeared from this board, they were tired of being criticized for seeing a team in decline, instead of unicorns and lollypops.
  3. The guy was right though... so he wasn't a hater, he was ahead of the curve. By the away being critical doesn't make someone a hater.
  4. According to Bob MacKenzie, Holland is talking with his agent about the cost of resigning him. I'm terrified this means another classic Holland overpayment in both dollars and term. Can you imagine Smith at 5.5 for 6 or 7 years, aka until he is 34/35 years young.... I think I just puked in my mouth a little. I think you can get a mid to late 2nd rounder for Smith, especially if you make the pick conditional... say a 2018 2nd if his new team reaches the quarter finals, etc.
  5. We need to start winning bigly on deals.
  6. Absolutely, back before the season I advocated for this exact scenario. I'm not entirely sold on Larkin, I see Mantha being far more important to us over the coming years.
  7. Thinking highly of Trouba is one thing.... but it should be said that by keeping the pick and developing that player, we won't have Trouba in the line up... we will likely get a high pickin in 18, which is defenceman heavy.
  8. I went and looked up the 2018 draft rankings and it looks like the majority of the top 10 are D. With that in mind and the fact we're rebuilding... I'd use the pick on the best available player this year and pre-tank for next year, by not adding an upgrade over a current roster player.
  9. I absolutely agree with this... I hope they go outside for a new GM and coach, we don't want to turn into the 90's/00's Oilers with a rotation of glory day retreads in those positions.
  10. Did Kenny write this column for him? It's almost word for word a Holland quote.
  11. You can certainly have a player making that kind of money in the press box. It just takes some guts to make the call.
  12. Is it just me or does Blashill look like a deer in headlights every time he's on camera. He looks like someone who is in over his head and he knows it. I think you have to dismiss him and let Torchetti take over to close the season.... I think that may be why they mentioned Torchetti taking over the wild bench last season.
  13. And some folks were worried Vegas might waste a pick on Coreau... guess we're safe on that one.
  14. When all hope is lost you call the A-Team... not Kenny's-Team. This squad is low on talent and devoid of direction. It's over.
  15. DD is brutal... but I think he is slotted higher that he should be. We should trade anything that needs to be traded for a young top end defenceman. Pay the premium and get that conerstone piece.