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    Yzerman autographed picture

    I have a really nice Steve Yzerman autographed and 8x10, professionally framed and matted up on ebay right now. Priced at 65.99, you cant beat it.
  2. I have 12 autographed 8x10's of some of my favorite players over the years. Im looking to move them all as a lot. $99.99. I'll wave shipping if a forum member buys them. 49 Players: All pics are "in game" shots, no dorky profile shots! Chris Chelios - Blackhawks Wendell Clark - Maple Leafs Ed Jovanovski - bloody face - Canucks Marty McSorely - Kings Darren Mccarty - square off vs Bent Thompson Larry Robinson - Kings Keith Primeau - Red Wings Derian Hatcher - Red Wings Cam Neely - Bruins Sergei Samsonov - Bruins Ray Bourque - Bruins Joe Thornton - Bruins The Bruins pics were obtained personally thru Sergei Samsonov, the rest i got in person myself thru various means. Ill throw in a couple of really good fight dvds also
  3. fights

    Training Camp Invitees

    Sergei Samsonov - Red Wings
  4. fights

    Lemieux and McCarty

    reminder for anyone who is interested, this is tomorrow. Dennis Rodman is going to be there also from 1130-1pm
  5. fights

    Isles vs Pens

    When i think of Mario and fighting, i think of this, Always brings a smile to my face. The Pens were never short of a goon to protect Lemieux during his career.
  6. fights

    Helm/Abdelkader sigining

    Just got this email, thought some may be interested: Per Joe at the Motor City Sports Gallery. In addition to the Lemieux/McCarty sigining in April, Just announced: Justin Abdelkader/Darren Helm of the Detroit Red Wings will be siging autographs on Sunday March 13, 2011 2-4 pm at Taylor Gibraltar Trade Center.
  7. fights

    Finding old games

    I have dvd/vhs recorder, so i have trasnferred most of my stuff to dvd already. Send me your email i will send you a list, its much to long to post here.
  8. fights

    Finding old games

    There are some tape trading forums out there, i have seen them tapes offered for trade in the subforums of, and Maybe someone there has what you are looking for or can point you to a good trading ring.
  9. fights

    Lemieux and McCarty

    People have the right to dislike Lemieux all they want. The point is, Detroit Red Wings fans are quick to embrace players with a checkered past. Or look past transgressions they commit as Wings and then make some sort of justification. Bottom line is, yeah, Lemieux was dirty beyond dirty. At least he would stand up for himself and fight his own battles, unlike a lot of Wings players. Lets take a look at some our past favorites: 1. Dino Ciccarelli - January 6, 1988, in a game played at Maple Leaf Gardens, Ciccarelli attacked Maple Leafs defenceman Luke Richardson with his stick. As a result of this incident, Ciccarelli was convicted of assault, fined $1000.00, and sentenced to one day in jail. Dino was a noted stickman, was not afraid to give a cheap shot. He also started a bench clearing brawl while with the North Stars, in which everyone fought except for him. Oh wait, scratch that, he took on noted pugilist Denis Savard. 2. Todd Bertuzzi - On March 8, 2004, Bertuzzi retaliated to a Steve Moore hit on Markus Näslund in a previous game by sucker-punching him from behind late in the third period. Moore suffered a broken neck after being knocked unconscious. 3. Vladimir Konstantinov – One of the most hated players during his day. Not afraid to use the stick, hit a knee, or hit from behind. 4. Viacheslav Fetisov - While with New Jersey took out Wendel Clarks knee in 1989. Clark missed part of the 1989-90 season with a partial tear of the MCL in his right knee. 5. Joe Kocur – fractured the jaw and orbital bone of New York Islander Brad Dalgarno during a fight in 1988. 6. Bob Probert – suspended numerous times for headbutting (Bob Mcgill, Sandy McCarthy) sucker punches (Vincent Riendeau) elbowing (Denis Chasse). Also had a memorable stick fight with another former Red Wing, Bob Rouse. 7. Kirk Maltby – one of the most hated players in all of the NHL during his career. Always ran his mouth, never backed it up. 8. Chris Chelios – the Brian Propp incident I already posted. Countless others. There is a 2 hour DVD in circulation that consists ONLY of Chelios cheap shots and dirty plays. 9. Derian Hatcher – suspended two games while with Dallas for punching Jeff Finaly in the head, suspended 7 games for leaving his feet to hit Jeremy Roenick in the head, breaking his jaw with an elbow in 1999. Suspended 3 games for an illegal hit while with the Red Wings. Suspended 10 games in 1991 for a stick swinging incident with, surprise Dino Ciccarelli! 10. Greg Stefan – 1982 gets in a stick fight with Minnesota’s Willie Plett. Uses his stick like an ax over Pletts neck. Suspended 8 games. And…. GORDIE HOWE! Famous for his elbows and paybacks! Punched Lou Fontinato in the face so hard his nose was turned on a right angle! Honorable mentions– Sean Avery (NHL’s most hated player) Tiger Williams (all time PIM leader) Harold Snepsts (as cheap as they come) Ulf Samuellsen (ended careers with knee checks, including Cam Neely) Wendel Clark (never to shy for a sucker bunch, hit from behind. Sat on Bob Brookes chest and pounded his face with punches) Stu Grimson, Tomas Sandstrom, Mel Bridgeman, Gerard Gallant, Lee Norwood, I could go on and on. Point is, fans would have loved Lemieux if he played here. What he did was 15 years ago, it didn’t happen to anyone on this board, the players are over it, so why do people continue to play keyboard warriors and wonder aloud, “who is gonna punch him first”. Seriously? (by the way, i liked all the players i listed above!)
  10. fights

    Lemieux and McCarty

    Ahh, the good old days. We will never see hockey like this again!
  11. fights

    Lemieux and McCarty

    That is hilarious. Have you forgotten that Chelios was one of the dirtiest of all time? His hit on Brian Propp in the 89 playoffs was every bit as dirty and careless as anything Lemieux did. Chelios was also unapologetic after putting Propp out of the playoffs. Look up some of his quotes. Next thing you are going to say is that one of the most beloved Red Wings of all time, Dino Ciccarelli was a Saint, although he spent a night in jail for trying to break his stick across Luke Richardsons face.
  12. fights

    Lemieux and McCarty

    Well, it kind of makes sense the Lemieux would charge more for his autograph. He is after all, more than likely a Hall of Famer. Plus the Detroit market isn't saturated with his autographs, as it is with McCarty's. And, if people didnt know, Mac and Lemieux put their differences behind them a long time ago, It would be rather juvenile of Red Wings fans cant get over something that happened 15 years ago.
  13. fights

    Classic Hockey Fight DVDs!

    the tapes are no longer available. However, the quality is unmatched. They came from Fists of Fury, and if you are familiar with fight tapes, you probably know who that was.
  14. fights

    Small reward...Looking for a picture/video

    try getty images, they might have something. Or someone over on