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  1. New Stadium Idea

    Well that's the beauty of a retractable roof, just open it pending the weather.
  2. New Stadium Idea

    While watching the game today I thought it would be great to make a new hockey rink with a retracting roof in Detroit. If it is possible, what are the chances Illitch goes through with the idea and what do you as fans think? Playing outside up north on the lake is one of my favorite hockey memories. With the beloved Joe Louis Arena becoming outdated and the possibility of Mike Illitch building a new "Olympia" in the Foxtown area, I believe Detroit should build a retractable roof for our upcoming stadium.
  3. Mikael Samuelsson

    As a former player myself, I must say this kind of guy is the most hated teammate that you can have on your team. I've never liked, or will like the way he plays the game. It's still mindboggling that Babcock gives this guy as much ice time as he gets. What does he even think out there? Why do we need some soft 6'2 euro pansy who takes wrist shots from the blueline. He doesn't even look to make a pass, if he has the puck he will shoot, no matter what area of the ice he's at. The quality of his shots are horrendous. And its not like he's a great defensive forward either, he's had numeorus turnovers in the past few games coming back from his injury. And for you people that say this has been talked about before, THEN DON'T READ THIS. This guy is terrible and is no better than Matt Ellis was today out there.
  4. Mickey Redmond

    I absolutely love the Wings announcers. "The Mick" calling a fight or just the good ole' "HOLY MACKERAL" quotes get me every time. I will be absolutely devastated when he retires. GOOOOO WINGS!!!!!
  5. Wings have made an Offer for Jason Blake

    Please no... GET SOMEONE OVER 5'11.... JESUS OUR TEAM IS SOFT.
  6. Yes, I know this is cliche...

    Ohh hell no lol. Dallas has had 28 Fighting Majors this year. Krys Barch and Steve Ott account for 10. <--- Great Hockey Fights Site. Detroit has basically one "Real" fight, with Danny Markov. Norton had 4 Hugfests before injuring himself while falling, and Franzenstein was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Minnesota Wild have only 9 fights, but also have Derek Boogard. 2nd Lowest Fight Totals.
  7. Need Help For Tommorows Game

    thanks alot!!!!
  8. Need Help For Tommorows Game

    Hey everyone, My buddy and I will be attending the Wings game tommorow (Friday Vs. Edmonton). We are in search of body paint. If anyone knows where a good store to buy any from let me know please before the game. Thanks alot, and go wings. I'm also taking sign ideas (Yes i brought the "Fire Millen" sign last time i went). Thanks alot, GO WINGS!!
  9. Beating A Dead Horse Here But....

    Here's a thought. Don't reply in this thread if you don't like reading about it.
  10. Beating A Dead Horse Here But....

    I could of disrepected you.... but didn't. Don't tarnish this thread plz, thanks.
  11. Beating A Dead Horse Here But....

    I'm sorry because I know this topic has been well talked about..... BUT. I believe it is time to have this man sit in the press box for the rest of the year. I've never seen someone as useless as him. He is a major liabitly on the blue line, and put the team at risk every time he is out on the ice. What he thinks out on the ice baffles me. He charges an incoming forward, gets blown by, and doesn't cover the trailer who eventually scores. He also never picks up a man (if he does it's to late), and just stands around in front of our goalies. I've never seen anyone with his size not even try to be physical. Hey, even Cory Cross threw down once and threw a few checks every now and then. I'm glad Lilly's head got banged on the side of the boards, maybe it knocked some sense into him. Sorry about the rant, but please someone tell me Meech or someone in GR is better...........
  12. Maltby

    C'mon now........... Let's be serious. There is no way in hell that Maltby doesn't make the list for defense (still a top PK'er) and physical play.... GIMMIE A BREAK. Day in day out Malt's throws his body around more than anyone on the team. Franzen is given to much credit and Homer gets checked ten times as much as he throws a body check.
  13. TSN: Red Wings interested in Bertuzzi

    DROP THE MOORE HIT SMACK TALK - ITS IRRELEVANT TO TALK ABOUT HERE Who cares if "soandso" doesnt want this guy or not. Drop it, your wasting the forums bandwith. Pros Of Signing Bertuzzi: Scorer Grinder/Checker Goes In Corners Aggressive/Enforcer Leadership (Assistant with 'Nucks) Size (6'4 245+) Cons: Age (32) Back Surgery Contract (5.3 Mil) Free Agent After Summer Most Likely Part With Hudler/Williams/Prospect + 1st Rounder What is the communities thoughts, any details on the contract if it can be negotiated and will we have space. <-- I figured most have forgot about his skills. He's Legit.