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  1. Maybe in the future the OP should not post these kind of threads.
  2. Time to win!
  3. Hossa just needs to finish now.
  4. They moved it up because NBC thinks the finals will have s***ty rattings and wanted to put them on the weekend so they dont hurt the ratings during the week its as simple as that.
  5. God the canes are s***, its pathetic they made it to the ECF instead of Boston.
  6. damnit pitt needs to lose!
  7. So Jimmy Howard is a bust?
  8. So I guess the question is can the Wings do anything to make the refs more fair in the finals if we get there or are they to just "hope" they dont f*** up as much as last years finals.
  9. If we face them again I think its going to be much harder as they wont get dominated like games 1 and 2 last year.
  10. I will be switching to CBC when possible to avoid NBC and VS
  11. I think Boston would have given pitt more issues so this sucks.
  12. Now the hawks will see some actual defense.
  13. Came on Van force game 7!!
  14. Why would you want hawks to win... I want them banged up as possible.
  15. Time to end it right here!