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  1. It's been awhile since I've posted here since I started working for the Wings, but wanted to make sure I shared that Jimmy Howard and Joey MacDonald will sign autographs tomorrow (Wed, March 7) from 5-7 p.m. By making a $20 donation, fans can get one Howard and one MacDonald autograph. 100% of the donations will be split between the Arthritis Foundation and Operation: Kid Equip. Hockeytown Authentics in Troy will distribute only 500 wristbands, starting at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow. For more information, please visit or call Hockeytown Authentics at (248) 680-0965. Hockeytown Authentics is located at 1845 E. Big Beaver on the northwest corner of Big Beaver and John R in Troy.
  2. red wings student rush

    You can read more about the college student rush opportunity on the new official Red Wings blog: Basically, you can only get the tickets if (1) you have a valid college student ID and (2) if you go to the box office at the Joe in person on the day of the game to inquire about the tickets. If they have some, you can buy them. Sounds similar to other student rush programs like the Pens have (well it was better before the team's season ticket sales really went up).
  3. The Online Game Streaming Thread

    I just wanted to say thank you soo much for the links! With the game on FSN Plus, I wasn't able to get it on my TV and yet I'm still watching it - online streaming is amazing!
  4. Charity Softball Game

    Unfortunately, the Wings will not be hosting a charity softball game this year like the normally do.
  5. Stanley Cup Locker Room hats

    You're not the only one who things the hats are too big. Maltby told me that Kronwall went to put the hat on and it went and tilted over his ear it was so big. haha.
  6. Joe Vision

    Haha. I've been pretty lucky. Last season, I was a game night intern for the Whalers and we won the OHL Championship. And this season, I intern with the Wings and we make it to the SCF. Not too shabby. Tickets are just $5 and there will be open concession stands, just not as many as you would typically find at a home Wings game.
  7. Joe Vision

    As a PR intern there, I can confirm that there will be Joe Vision on Saturday.
  8. Rumor: Franzen Out with Possible Blood Clot?

    On Saturday evening during the postgame press conference, Mike Babcock said the following about Johan: Dizziness is one of the blood clot symptoms, but according to Mike Babcock, he isn't dizzy. I'm personally going to go with the problem headaches issue and if we find out there's more after these tests, I'll worry about it then. Fortunately, the Wings are up 2-0 in the series and aren't desperate for Franzen to return just yet. I just hope everything is alright with the Mule.
  9. What day does Rd. 2 start for the Wings?

    Nothing official has been announced, obviously. But I think Game #1 will be Thursday night and Game #2 on Saturday sometime.
  10. WQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1 (OT)

    My dad sat in the second row by the zamboni tunnel for last night's game and took some great photos with his nice camera. Here a couple of my favorites below and you can view the rest here. The photos at the link are bigger. I shrunk the size for the photos below so they didn't take up too much space. GO WINGS!!
  11. Fun topic. Share your thoughts.

    If you notice, they no longer sit behind the net. They now sit in the last row of the lower bowl so it makes their job even more useless (if you ask me). And I don't think they get paid a whole lot, I know a few of the off-ice officials have regular jobs during the day... Random fact: If you watch the players skate out on the ice before the start of warmups/before the start of a period, 99% of the time (unless there's an injury), the starting goal skates out followed by Draper and then Maltby. They have apparently done this for awhile now and it's just a little superstition they have. It was weird on Thursday because Drapes was injured so it was Ozzie and then Maltby- kind of threw me off!
  12. Anyone want tickets to Saturday's game?

    Jim got the tickets! I received a couple PM responses as well, but Jim's was the first overall response according to the date stamp. And sorry Matt for the extra post!
  13. Anyone want tickets to Saturday's game?

    Matt- I'm sorry for posting this here instead of the Tickets section, but I wanted to make sure these tickets were claimed tonight so feel free to delete this thread once I get a response! As some of you know, I am a PR intern for the Wings. My parents are also season ticket holders. When they can't go to a game, they let me give the tickets to friends. Unfortunately due to St. Patty's Day and other events, none of my friends can go and I don't want these tickets to go to waste. So if you can go to tomorrow's game at 1pm and you're the first person to respond to this thread with your first and last name, the tickets are yours. I am getting to the Joe tomorrow for work at 8:30am so I will put the tickets at will call so you will just have to go to the box office and pick up the two tickets that will be waiting for you. The seats are section 212b (the end where the Wings shoot twice), row 9, and one of the seats is on the aisle. I don't want anything for the tickets, we just didn't want them to go to waste! So if you're the first one, the tickets are yours! And don't forget it's $1 hot dog day! - Christy PS. If you don't want to leave your name here, you can PM me. But I have to be up in 6 hours so I'm only going to be on until 12:30-12:40ish. If someone does that, I'll post here that the tickets have been claimed.
  14. KronVall article

    Yep, his name only shows up as Kronvall in media/ because his visa says that. He does need to get it changed and it should be Kronwall.
  15. Cleary Re-Signed: 5-Years, $14 M

    I'm a PR intern for the Wings so last night before the game, I actually passed out the press release informing reporters about the deal. Some of their reactions were priceless to say the least! Personally, I am quite happy with this deal. Less than $3 million and we kept a gritty forward who played great in the postseason for us for another 5 seasons. Go Mr. Holland!