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  1. Feldmarschall

  2. Transactions, Signings, and Minor Trades

    Yeah, his poor performances in the past are undoubtedly staining his value. His percentage and GAA from last year were absolutely brutal. Even in his best season he only pulled a .909, which is still pretty poor by NHL standards. If he maintains this performance over the course of this two year deal, though, he will seriously cash in.
  3. Q & A with a few NHL players

    That's good stuff. Everybody watches Pavel. Too bad he hasn't had many highlight moments this season.
  4. Who will replace the retired Wings?

    Nonsense. There's not a single attempt at guessing what the lines will look like. You're spot on for the rest, though. That is one talentless writer.
  5. Forward lines next season?

    The lack of respect for Miller and Bertuzzi astounds me. These claims that Bert can't handle second-line ice are 100% bulls***. The guy outscored Homer and Flip. He produces about a point every other game on average. That's what you expect from a mid-level second-liner. He was also one of the hardest working defensive forwards we saw, five-on-five, and got props from Babs for it on a few occasions. He's a good player. Same with Miller. He's unspectacular but he's effective at what he does and he works his ass off on the defensive side of the puck. Sometimes a team adds by subtraction. Losing Drapes, Modano, and hopefully Hudler, the forward corps loses a couple of its softest forwards and another whose job was replaced by Helm long ago. Equally true on defense. It cannot be said that Rafalski wasn't a defensive liability at even strength. He was just too easy to muscle off the puck. Period. And the back end still has people that can generate offense, even if a big trade doesn't come down. Lidstrom and Kronwall are elite, offensively. Stuart is capable if he gets back into the swing of acting like the defenseman he was in SJ and Boston. Ericsson and Kindl have considerable untapped offensive ability as well. It's all about improvement from within. This team's got a big pile of guys in their twenties right now. If they get better, the team will do fine. If they regress, the team will suffer. At the very least, subtracting its two softest forwards and its softest defensemen, the team will be tougher to play against, even if it's a bit of a loss with respect to top-end skill. I like the change.
  6. Bow legged?

    When they were originally scouting Datsyuk and evaluating him as a potential NHLer, the bow-legged comments popped up pretty regularly. I know at one point someone (Jim Nill?) referred to him as a "little pigeon-toed kid that the puck followed around."
  7. Some possible NEEDED changes in the Offseason

    :blink: Is that a joke? I just woke up.
  8. Some possible NEEDED changes in the Offseason

    Turn off NHL '11 and get with reality. The Wings aren't going to magically get a top-three draft pick this year, they're not going to trade Flip for Stamkos/Bogosian/other blue chip talent. It's also not a guarantee that every UFA you want will sign with the Wings if they make the offer. The odds are actually quite low. The most we should expect to see is a couple of small trades or UFA acquisitions, and perhaps a shuffle of the assistant coaches. If Lidstrom retires, things will get more interesting. We will be treated to many more years of Franzen's inconsistent effort, and probably several more years of Filppula not making a difference when it counts. Just deal with it. Can't win the cup every year, and especially not when the team's roster plays like it only has four good players and a boatload of half-assed scrubs.
  9. Nashville vs. Vancouver

    I have no desire to watch this series at all. Nashville hockey bores me to tears. They're like the Wild were a few years back. "Let's ride a hot goalie and wait for one of our too-numerous pluggers to score a goal, then lock down the game." It may win games, and they could very well beat Vancouver, but it'll probably be too tedious to enjoy.
  10. How would you coach the opposing team?

    Babs already touched on the most important thing he's looking at as a coach, and that's forechecking. Both teams have players that can be exposed on the back end - with the Wings, it's the old argument that Rafalski is too small and weak, Stuart, Salei, and Ericsson can be forced into making bad breakout attempts, and so on. For the Sharks, Boyle is the best breakout passer they have but he's no bigger than Rafalski and could look just as vulnerable if a guy like Helm is coming at him on the forecheck. The rest of the Sharks' back end lineup isn't exactly the picture of mobile breakouts, and that'll be a key the Wings are looking to exploit. The teams' forward lineups are a wash. Both have a great combo of depth, size and skill. So If I'm coaching, the key is who can make the other team's defense make stupid mistakes.
  11. Lines discussion, leading up to game 1 vs SJ

    Miller was good, but Babs seems to want Drapes around for faceoffs. He really puts a lot of value on having him out there.
  12. Calder Trophy Nominees

    Not the sexiest pick, but I like Grabner for it. He scored his ass off on a weak team, and was one of only three guys on the Isles to run a +. Skinner and Couture got some nice linemates - Grabner got what, Frans Nielsen?
  13. I blamde Islanders for the goalie situation

    Mike Milbury? Probably the single most self-destructive GM in history. His ineptitude never gets old for me.
  14. Brule crushes Letang

    The fault is on Letang for not keeping his head, hands, and stick up to protect himself. He got caught completely stationary, turned around, watched his pass for a second, forgot about the forecheck in doing so, and got buried. Brule coasted in, hit him front-on, with his arms up on his chest, while Letang was totally unready to get hit hit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this play from Brule's end.
  15. Buffalo Commentator

    How the uh hell can uh you uh listen to Paul uh Woods talk? He uh says uh so much he's uh really hard to uh deal with for uh me.