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  1. ... because people are always bad mouthin' it and complaining about every little thing.
  2. Ankles are terrible injuries to have. If you dont get it healed properly then its always going to be a little weak. I sprained mine really bad in grade 12 and I still roll it lots. Sometimes just walking down the street and stepping on a rock just little wrong.
  3. I agree with the camera angle thing but the point is that there is still alot of net to shoot at. The thing with the butterfly goalie is when he goes down to close the 5 hole then there is going to be alot more room up top and from the looks of the picture there is already lots of room there. I still play hockey and play very competativly and if I had this much room on some of my breakaways I would have scored a few more goals this year.
  4. I dare someone to tell me that he's to big and that there is nowhere to shot after you look at this picture. He might be using equipment thats a little big but he makes saves cause he's that good at his angles and quick with his reflexes. How big a diffenence does it make anyways. Might help him make 2 or 4 saves a game that he might make anyways.
  5. ya cause thats going to help. A bunch of angry fans yelling and swearing.
  6. Cause you cant drive away a Canadian fan. s*** like this happens in hockey and were not fickle enough to stop watching because of something like this. All you have to do is look at the attendance in some US cities to see.
  7. Nashville will be gone in a couple years anyways. Carolina has had 2 teams make it to the cup finals and one even won the cup and they still dont support the team. Two teams in Florida is one too many. Atlanta is going to end up in Vegas. The only Canadian teams that make sence to get rid of would be Vancouver or Ottawa. The history of those team isnt as deep.
  8. He's not much help. Once we get back to a place where everyone is healthy then he will be a 5th - 7th defenceman on thsi team.
  9. Sweet game man. LMAO
  10. I dont think he'll play enough game to get seriously hurt. I could see him playing like 45 - 55 games and thats pretty much it. Ozzy will fill in for the rest.
  11. Had to vote for Stevie but I love it when McCarty scores soo much emotion.