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  1. Funny NHL Names

    i thought michele petite (sp?) was always funny. i think he played for quebec nordiques and maybe a few other teams
  2. Even over here!

    I just wish theyd get rid of both the VS and NBC commentators.. eddy i sucks ass, i cant stand pierre. to me his claim to fame is that he was an assistant on a stanley cup winning team.. other then that who knows. but why cant the NHL do something different then the other leagues and make it whoever the home team, there tv crew does the game.. i really think next time the wings lay on NBC im turning the volume down and turning ken kal and paul woods on
  3. "I forgot he was a Red Wing!"

    andy delmore??
  4. "I forgot he was a Red Wing!"

    speaking of markov does any onek now where to find a video of that nasty scrum against Calgary where markov came all the way from the blue line and jumped on top of the pile.. wouldnt mind seeing it again.. great s***!!
  5. Traditions and Superstitions

    i dont do anything really till playoff time. thats when i usually pull out my filppula jersey for every game when i go out with friends to watch it. if i stay in i try and watch the whole game. no bathroom breaks till intermission, and cant drink any red beer. In '02 my aunt would call me 5 min before puck drop and just give a go wings and quick talk then before the puck dropped wed hang up and watch the game. When i go to a playoff game, i get there early enough to see warm ups, walk around and grab a non red beer usually from the leinny cabin ( best value for beer i think). then each year i think a shirt or pants is usually good luck till they loose a series. this one is more random then the other ones. last year every time i went out to watch any finals games they lost yet when i stayed in they one. My uncle was getting pissed at me for going out instead of going to his house for HD. it was quite funny.
  6. Oilers Stortini going to be out a while

    actually i had something happen to me this past Dec 23rd while playing dropin. i stepped on a blade and my whole leg twisted under me. i suffered a broken leg well i just about destroyed it somehow.. broke the tibia in 2 spots and the fibula in about 7 or so. they had to go in and but screws and a plate in the tibia so it will stay set. the plates probably about 8-9 inches long.. i defiantly f-d up my leg haha
  7. a holmstrom encounter wuss out

    ive had the great chance of having chelios walk by my car one day this summer shortly after his knee surgery. and of all places he was in dundee, MI coming out of a random pharmacy. I noticed walking to my car after dinner in that area that a bentley was parked next to my car with a great looking girl in his passenger seat. As i was pulling out, here comes chelli limping and had a nice "chelli" look on his face. I was kind of freaking out and wanted to say something but froze up and kick myself for it. he then followed behind me for a couple miles on his way back to I-75.
  8. Equipment

    could be a thing hes always done.. plus his bauer xxxx doesnt feel like a bauer xxxx when i played with it in the pro shop at JLA. Felt pretty boxy alot like missions. Mission was recently bought out by bauer. thats why youve seen rafalski wearing and using bauer nike equipment same with hossa. if ya dont remember that in training camp and begining of regualr season he was using mission sticks. so here were seeing a great example i think of a stick repainted. oh and nike bauer branded stuff will now be just bauer as nike has sold bauer to someone.
  9. Equipment

    ya alot of players will have one type of stick painted to the newest version sometime.. even with skates. I know hossa spray paints the bottom half of his stick black and david vyborny would spray paint the whole stick black when he played for the columbus blue jackets. jason spezza and markus naslund recently switched from all wood to either and two piece shaft blade combo or a one piece composite stick.
  10. Equipment

    I know most of the reebok stuff hasnt been released to the public yet, but the stick Z and franz use do i believe. or atleast ones that look very similar have been. The stick Lids uses was released in nov and its a warrior dolomite spine. If they arent out by now theyll be out by atleast april.
  11. Lebda worst in the NHL

    I agree that lebda should go. I was saying this to my uncle and cousin after the February slump. I thought meech should a lot more consistancy on the back end and could chip in on the power play. Id rather have meech on the back end on the powerplay then Sammy. Iguess basically what im trying to say is mr. "i can skate real fast" should have been the one hitting the door in stead of quincey and letting meech and quince share ice time.
  12. Getting to the Joe

    Well i migth be of some help, as i live pretty much in Monroe and have been up to JLA since they closed 75 heres three options to getting up there that ive used: 1) take 75 up to the Fort Rd. exit in River Rouge and follow that to Rosa Parks - Ive found this to be the fastest, well untill the terrible construction in Rockwood. 2) take 75 again, but getting off at the Southfeild freeway and taking that to 94, where i get off on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn i believe. 3) depending on where your locating in Monroe, go to 23 and take that to 94 and getting off at Michigan Ave. Parking: I would recommend the Cobo roof. Im not sure if its open yet, but its about half the price and not many people park up there. Then you can take either people mover over to the joe for 50 cents or walk. Id recommend taking to the game and just walkign back. This is what i found out that works. Not sure whatever one has to say bout parking. But hope its helpful in some way.
  13. Stick Questions

    ya i figured after looking at the patterns of curves they share. but its an excellent stick. for just a touch over 100 bucks. I definatly plan on buying another one or a warrior for a bit more soon since i need a new stck after my back up broke a while ago. But i highly suggest a warrior or inno stick.
  14. Stick Questions

    I use a stick i found at peranis and havent seen them any where else. Its a innovative or looks just like the bauer xxx where it goes from white to black. i thnk that is the best stick ive every played with. be it i play just at local drop ins and im a novice with decent skill. but i love that stick. ohh and it has a federov curve. for roller hockey i would suggest just getting a two peice so you can switch out the blades.
  15. New partial season tickets

    me and 2 other guys from work went in on the howe package. they havent contacted the guy who ordered it abotu what games we wont but should be soon. i usually park on top of cobo when i can. for the finals it was closed which was weird. there i just take the people mover downtown for food and back to the joe, then walk back after the game. no way im gonna wait in that huge mess at the people mover!! anyone have any idea on when single game tickets will be available?