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  1. Cold War II/Red Wings vs. Leafs Doubleheader !?!?!

    be alot better if it was at the big house.. 100,000+ watching this game would be nuts two great game would be sweet.
  2. Looking for an "O" Stick

    the stick is more of a gimmick ive used it and hated it. Heavy and not balanced. and little kids should be using wood sticks.
  3. Novi Rink Zamboni Fire

    im a zamboni driver too its just freaky..they are lucky the tanks didnt explode.
  4. Do you play hockey?

    I grew up playing hockey all my life and still play....plus i i got the ultimate hockey job i drive a zamboni at the disc in dearborn
  5. dallas stars NEW jersey

    love the number on the front......
  6. Sick to my stomach

    "looks like hockey is doing good in california" go there in the regular season. haha this is the first time all of california has seen the cup...bettermen is whats making me sick......
  7. Will the ducks be here next season

    hardly happens so i say no..
  8. Game 2: Sens vs. Ducks

    snoop talking about hockey is probaly the funniest thing i have ever heard..
  9. Holmstrom Hit from Behind

    he needs to be susupended for that cheap shot. he should ahve got the 5 and a game.
  10. GAME 2 (4/28): Sharks @ Red Wings (LIVE)

    IM expecting a good game here. Wings win a close one 3-2/....
  11. Pre-GAME 1 (4/26): Sharks @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Im expecting a big game out of bert...
  12. Dallas ice = quagmire

    As a zamboni driver its hard to keep the ice at the right temp whens it humid, You can make it really cold but it just gets really hard and nhl players will crack it instead of leaving grooves. to soft it gets slushy and slow. i cant imagine how hard it is the keep ice in dallas this time of year.
  13. McCarty

    When d-mac retires i can see the wings signing him to a 1 day contract so he can retire a wing..too bad he wasnt still here.
  14. Official GDT: Montreal at Toronto

    going ot be one of the best regular season games of the year.
  15. Anyone have a picture of Retired Numbers Banners?

    go to getty images and search yzerman its one of the first ones. its now my background.