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  1. Done deal. Yzerman wins. Ritola is gone. "DETROIT -- The Tampa Bay Lightning, with new general manager Steve Yzerman, have claimed forward Mattias Ritola off waivers from the Detroit Red Wings."
  2. Agreed. I loved Golubovsky almost as much as Kuznetsov.
  3. Agreed. I for one was clapping when his lame ass was bought out. No hard feelings Derian, but given your performance, I had no desire to keep you around. His stances against the player's union also contributed to my lack of support for him.
  4. Agreed. NHL 10 is boring me. I YEARN FOR NHL 11! Summer sucks . I'm having huge withdrawls, and the Tigers just aren't doin' it this year for me.
  5. You must've forgotten Uwe Krupp.
  6. I agree with this 100%.
  7. I cannot believe that this is true. We have truely lost a legend this day. RIP Probie, Detroit will never forget.
  8. This. LOL.
  9. HOLY s***! I had no idea Boychuck hit like this. Sign this guy UP!
  10. Legal disputes has nothing to do with how the man plays hockey. Who cares. That's like saying you shouldn't be hired for a job because you had your license revoked when you were 19 for going 35 over the speed limit. s*** happens, and so does life. We all make mistakes or bad choices at some point. Bert's personal business is his own. I don't care. If he plays well and fits the team, then I want him here. His life is his own and not mine nor anyone else's business.
  11. I don't want to see Pav go at any point, but everyone must understand that he wants to play for his home town. I mean, wouldn't all of us if we played a professional sport?
  12. Winning a Championship is definitely a mark in the "good" column. But his consistency is yet to be proven, remember. I'm not so sure I buy this rumor, though I do believe Nabokov is done in SJ.
  13. I was JUST about to post this as well. Awesomesauce. Hopefully "Leino II" pans out for us.
  14. Agreed.