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  1. Pre-Season Games

    6-1. Massacre.
  2. Pre-Season Games

    Unfortunately, we don't know how to make simple passes and effectively cycle and put pucks directly in shooters' wheelhouses. Frk might have the most hateful, scorching shot I've ever seen. And unlike Vanek and Pulkkinen, he can skate.
  3. Pre-Season Games

    Still don't know how to run a 5-on-3.
  4. Pre-Season Games

    AA base jumps from rafters, Beastie Boys' Sabotage blasts, AA throws his stick at Keith's face, kicks puck past Crawford from our blue line.
  5. Pre-Season Games

    Booth with a big open-ice hit, Rasmussesn drives to net, crashes net, scores.
  6. Pre-Season Games

    Though, in fairness, Chicago's lineup is much more talented.
  7. Pre-Season Games

    >Be Wings >Be dumb >Fail
  8. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    Also, another thing: I don't see Holland booting a good soldier like Sheahan to accomodate a contract holdout RFA with less than a full season of NHL experience under his belt.
  9. Pre-Season Games

    Game will be on NHL Network.
  10. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    I fully believe that Holland and Rutherford have talked about it. And maybe they do have an arrangement in place. But actually pulling the trigger? I have a hard time imagining Holland actually making the trade, regardless of what we'd be getting in return. Because Holland doesn't make these trades. But I'm cynical, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
  11. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    Actually, the more I think about this, the less sure I am that there's anything to it. I'm not saying Friedman's making stuff up, just that Holland is Holland and will do absolutely everything in his power to avoid trading a roster player. Especially a former first-round pick who's young and 6'3 and plays center and plays in all situations and seems to be one of those low-maintenance Good Canadian Boys who respecks da system. And we'd be selling low on him. And we'd be selling low on him out of necessity, due to issues that Holland has created, which might not be a great look for Holland. Holland, like any and every GM, has a massive ego. I know everyone is saying we can't sign AA without making some kind of move, and I guess that's true. But I just feel like we've been here so many times, with Holland always pulling an LTIR/waivers rabbit out of his hat. This is peak Wings fan cynicism, but I almost want to say four guys conveniently hitting LTIR at the start of the season is more likely than Holland trading Sheahan to the Penguins. Holland will probably wiggle out of this. He always does. Which is fine, I guess. I'm not really in any hurry to see any one of our players traded at this time. We'll see what happens. *shrug*
  12. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    I haven't really thought about what return would make sense for us. I guess Pouliot would be a worthwhile gamble, given our needs on defense. But I'm not convinced he's much better than what we have in the system. Dunno if we should be adding to the logjam, unless it's a really impressive defenseman. Maybe just a draft pick or two? Then we'd be sending money out and not taking any back. Wouldn't free up much cap space, but every bit of space counts, especially for an organization like us that's right up against the cap ceiling.
  13. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    Good find, CRL. Friedman's about as credible as it gets, so it appears this is indeed an actual thing.
  14. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares