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  1. Fact: We haven't won a Cup since Lebda left. GET REKT S***LORD!!!
  2. My point is that it's a different situation now (and Holland will act accordingly, if he has any sense). The fact that we signed Nielsen last summer doesn't necessarily mean we're going to throw all the moneyz and all the termz at Shattenkirk. This time last year, The Streak was still a thing. Holland was going to do what he felt he needed to do to keep The Streak going and give his team at least an outside shot at winning a Cup. We can sit here and say Holland should've stood pat and said... "Datsyuk's gone and, frankly, I don't want to even try to replace him. If we miss the playoffs largely because we lost Datsyuk and I didn't want to even try to replace him, well, so be it. We've had a real good run over the past two and a half decades, but I think I'm ready for it to be over. Hanta yo, baby!" ...but that wasn't going to happen. Even if we're taking it as fact that Holland has always been the one pushing the "Playoffs or bust!" policy (as opposed to it being an Ilitch mandate), I think any of the other 29 GMs probably would've done the same thing. Maybe they don't sign Nielsen, but, IMO, they pay a price to bring in a proven top-six centerman. And it's not like signing Nielsen and "future planning" were necessarily mutually exclusive. Zetterberg was coming off a disappointing season and it wasn't clear that he'd be able to hold down the 1C spot, and Larkin had spent his rookie season on the wing. In "replacing" Datsyuk, Nielsen would, in theory, be a bridge between Zetterberg and Larkin (and/or Athanasiou). I'm with Lefty -- I think the Helm deal is less defensible. And add to that the DeKeyser deal and the Abdelkader deal. Nielsen, at least, is a legit fide top-six centerman. Helm is a bottom-sixer. DeKeyser is a second-pairing defenseman. Abdelkader is a middle-six winger. Of course, if we're critiquing Holland, we don't have to limit ourselves to the past year. For example, we could argue that if Holland had acquired Brent Burns when he was available, we'd still be contenders in the year 2017.
  4. Stockholm syndrome.
  5. Personally, I didn't mind the Nielsen deal at the time. Not signing a veteran second-line centerman to that contract might've been the smarter play (looking at the bigger picture), but I don't really fault Holland for doing it. The goal was to make the playoffs and compete for the Cup, and we'd just lost Datsyuk, and counting on Larkin to quickly become our 1C or 2C probably wasn't realistic and probably wouldn't have been good for his development, and I don't think many people expected Zetterberg to have the season he had. We're in a different situation now. We're in uncharted territory. I'm assuming the front office realizes that. I agree that Holland's cap management has been ass, but it's a new reality now. Or, at least, I'm hoping and cautiously trusting that the front office sees it that way and is going to proceed accordingly.
  6. Related note: he's basically the only high-end defenseman in this UFA class. Assuming "GMs gonna GM," he's going to get a lot of tasty offers. And he'll have leverage. "Don't wanna give my client what he wants and deserves? Have fun trying to convince your fan base that Dmitry Kulikov is a 'real good' consolation prize." Of course, again, it's widely believed that he has his heart set on NYC. Grew up in New York, was a Rangers fan, reportedly would like to move closer to home, the Rangers need a high-end puck-mover in their top four....
  7. Nielsen was meant to replace ("replace") Datsyuk and help extend the playoff streak. I'd like to think the fact that we're now officially a basement team has changed things and that Holland is not going to desperately do everything in his power to sign Kevin Shattenkirk, who isn't necessarily much better than Mike Green and who doesn't appear to be interested in becoming a Wing. Even if Holland does go all out for Shattenkirk, it's no secret that Shattenkirk wants to be a Ranger. Or, at least, that's what the rumors have been saying for the past year and a half. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in Edmonton.
  8. Typically, money isn't the one and only factor. And even if it is, we're up against the cap and I highly doubt Holland will rearrange the roster just so he can throw max dollars and max term at Kevin Shattenkirk (especially when there are no clear indications that Shattenkirk has any real interest in Detroit). Let's give Holland a little credit here. For it to be a mistake that hurts the rebuild, it has to actually happen. Holland has to offer a ridiculous contract and Shattenkirk has to accept it. I can't see both of those things happening.
  9. True. But if Patrick or Hischier is available at #3, I have to think Nill takes him. I believe his "I'm open to trading the pick" stance is predicated on the assumption that Patrick and Hischier will be the first two players off the board. If Patrick or Hischier is indeed available at #3, then that pick might as well be the #1 pick.
  10. Phaneuf isn't very good. Karlsson is amazing.
  11. Pretty much. To me, it doesn't really matter who goes first and second. If Patrick and Hischier go first and second, the #3 pick probably costs something like Nyquist/Tatar + our 1st (assuming Nill would even be all that interested in Nyquist or Tatar in the first place), which I personally think is too much. If Patrick or Hischier is available at #3, Nill takes him. Or someone pays a king's ransom for the pick. So, no matter who's available at #3, we're not getting that pick. IMO.
  12. Here's how I'm looking at it... The Preds have Rinne, Subban, Josi, Ekholm, Ellis. It'd be their D and G (very thin at F) versus the Pens' F and G (very thin at D). Also, the Preds would be the fresher team. All in all, probably a pretty even matchup.
  13. wooooooo