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  2. Interesting. He's arguably the best defenseman in this draft class, but I'm not sure he'd be the best player available @ #4. I hope the plan isn't to draft for need and load up on defensemen just for the sake of loading up on defensemen. Best player available FTW.
  3. Sure. Not trying to put words in anyone's mouth. Just sayin'. I'd say this season's team was a playoff team, at least on paper. But I'm hoping the goal, from here on out, is to actually build and maintain a perennial Cup contender. Nah mean?
  4. Debbie Downer time! So: If we get a new coach...and we get a #1 defenseman (who would cost at least one of Larkin, Mantha, Athanasiou, Tatar)...and the team plays much better than it did this season...then we should be a playoff team. While I don't disagree with that, it does kind of speak to how far we are from Perennial Powerhouse status. Like, Zetterberg is far and away our best player right now...and he's at the tail end of his career. Mantha has impressed this year, but I do think Zetterberg is largely responsible for that. (Same with Larkin last season.) Howard has been much better than Mrazek. Green is our best defenseman. We're mostly being led by guys in their 30s. This is not promising. I think Larkin, Mantha, Athanasiou, and Svechnikov all have great potential, but I'm not convinced they're going to be enough. IMO, even if we were to land Nolan Patrick and acquire Justin Faulk for a dollar, I'd still say the Wings have a long way to go. I think we're going to have to suck for two or three years, cash in some lottery picks, hope we're gifted two or three truly elite players. Because we need elite talent in the worst way. The only player on the current roster who's playing at an elite level is Zetterberg. I hope I'm wrong and that a couple of upgrades can get us right back to playing for the Cup. But, at this point in time, I'm not seeing it.
  5. Halfway through the game, nine shots on goal.
  6. Do we think the new arena influences The Plan this summer and moving forward? Do we think ownership and/or management would be ok with spending the first year in the new digs as a basement team? Or will there a mandate to bring this team back to the playoffs ASAP? Honest questions, not rhetorical ones. I really don't know what to expect from the Wings this summer. Could be business as usual. Could be the exact opposite of what we're now used to.
  7. get rekt smith I know, right?
  8. VRBATA! Erm, I mean DAMN IT!
  9. So. Devils beat the Flyers. This is good. Jets beat the Islanders. This is good. Hurricanes beat the Wild. This is good. Stars are currently playing the Canucks. This is good. (Ideally, it's a three-point game.) I'm kind of enjoying this whole draft positioning thing. Sweet dreams are made of these...
  10. Larkin came to play tonight. He and AA are buzzing.