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  1. The MANtha watch.....

    That we haven't drafted a legit top-three defenseman since Kronwall is incredible and inexcusable -- but I figure our luck is due to change on that front, if only because we're likely looking at multiple bottom-ten finishes over the next half-decade or so. And, honestly, we've pretty much struggled just as hard to produce legit first-line forwards in that same span of time (that is, post-Kronwall). We should be looking to build up a great pool of young players through the draft, at least for the time being. Get good players, keep good players. Find a great defenseman and also find some great forwards. Draft, draft, draft. Don't worry so much about positions of need, because every position is a position of need, at least at this point in time. One could argue the Pens have poked a hole in the notion that you need a stellar 1D and an all-around stellar defense group if you want to win a Cup. I feel like it was the forwards and goaltending and team defense that really carried those Crosby-era championship Pens teams. I agree with the point you're making, though.
  2. The MANtha watch.....

    Granted, DeAngelo was just a sweetener. But, still. "Want our sexy asset? It'll cost you your sexy 1C. I don't need to move my sexy asset, so you need to really sell me on this. Don't come to me with Nyquist or Tatar. It's insulting."
  3. The MANtha watch.....

    I think the real problem for us is that we lack players that other teams really covet. We have good assets and, in theory, we should be able to put together a package that could get us a Girard type. But, ultimately, market/trade value comes down to what GMs want and what they're willing to give up to get it. If a GM is going to give up a high-end D prospect, he's going to want something *Sexy*, an asset that many GMs covet. *A Real Good 1C* or *A Real Good 2C* or *A Jonathan Drouin*. GMs generally want Taylor Halls, not Nugent-Hopkinses. We could offer, say, Tatar and a 2nd and a prospect, but I don't think that really excites any GM, unless they're desperate. I imagine Ron Francis holds out for something better. "Well, I've got Lou offering me Marner for Hanifin. Can you offer me *A Mitch Marner*?" I guess we could counter with Athanasiou, but I'm not sure he's viewed as favorably as we'd like to think he is. To be clear, I'm not necessarily saying AA is inferior to Marner. Rather, I'm saying Marner has name recognition and draft pedigree that AA doesn't have. The HYPE! is stronger with Marner. The hope, I guess, is that we find a perfect fit. That the stars align and Holland('s successor) finds a way to trade pieces we don't need for a high-end D prospect that [insert GM] feels he doesn't need. But I'm not holding my breath. tl;dr Anthony DeAngelo and the 7th overall pick in a weak draft cost the Rangers a solid 1C in Derek Stepan. Trades are hard dumb.
  4. Rumors Thread

    Right. I saw that you got it, but it seemed like not everyone picked up on it. Leafs fans and the Toronto media are so screwy that you'd be forgiven for thinking the piece is just your standard Leafs fan saying standard Leafs fan things. On a related note: Peter Chiarelli, Marc Bergevin, and maybe a couple of other GMs are really heightening my appreciation of Ken Holland.
  5. The MANtha watch.....

    (Speaking of Sergachev...he was drafted 9th overall and he is an absolute stud. So, even if we don't get Dahlin and we pick 9th again, there is hope for us! Kinda!)
  6. The MANtha watch.....

    Well, we hope we have the two elite forwards in Larkin and Mantha. Still too early to say exactly what we have in them. But, yeah, they're good enough -- and we're desperate enough for anything remotely resembling top-end talent -- that they should be pretty much untouchable anyway. The goal is to produce (potential) top talent without giving up (potential) top talent. So, I agree: we shouldn't try to fill the big defense hole by creating big holes elsewhere. To fill that defense hole, we're gonna have to draft a stud and/or sign a marquee UFA. Trading for a defenseman with elite potential is also still an option. However, I'm really starting to question how realistic an option it actually is, especially with Samuel Girard being a centerpiece of the Duchene trade. I don't think any of our prospects have any real trade value. I don't think Nyquist and Tatar have any real trade value. Mantha and Larkin are probably the only assets we have that could get us a Samuel Girard. Maybe Athanasiou. I don't think we're in a position to be trading first-round picks. We really need Dahlin. We really, really need Dahlin. Fortunately, it's looking like the top of the 2018 draft class will be loaded with outstanding defensemen. There'll only be one Dahlin, but there could be multiple Sergachevs. I'm still against signing John Carlson, because I'm just not sold on him being an elite 1D that you can build a championship team around. Giving him $50M would be an enormous gamble for pretty much any organization, IMO.
  7. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    Sweet AA goal. That's about it for the positives.
  8. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    Rangers win, 3-0. So there's that. I guess.
  9. Why are we better than last season?

    I mean, if we're being really honest, the team doesn't appear to be significantly better than last year's team, at least in terms of results. Record is very similar through 21 games, we've had a pretty soft schedule in terms of the quality of our opponents (what are the best teams we've faced this season and how many of those games have we won?), we're still getting routinely outshot, we're still leaning too much on our goaltending, and we're probably headed for another bottom ten finish. But there are signs of improvement -- or at least reasons for cautious optimism -- in certain areas, which is good.
  10. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    On the bright (?) side, Ottawa losing in regulation tonight would put us back in third place in the division. Of course, we'd only be up by one point on Ottawa and they'll have two games in hand on on us. Sens trail the Rangers 0-2 with ten minutes left in the third.
  11. Rumors Thread

    Surprised it took seven pages. I almost put it in the OP.
  12. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    Can't PK and shotblock your way to victory. Wings played a stupid game tonight and won a stupid prize.
  13. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    I want a Mantha OT winner.