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  1. I'm just here for the free booze. I don't even like hockey.
  2. Futility, thy name is Red Wings.
  3. The Pens play the game the right way. In a word, aggressively. The Wings play the game the wrong way. In a word, passively. Safe is death.
  4. Gotta love that collapse defense. I can't get enough of it.
  5. If he wasn't on my s*** list before (he was), he is now.
  6. Anyone catch the replay of that sequence where Ericsson appeared to be hurt? Hornqvist deliberately took out his skate. POS move.
  7. We used the inept PP to lull the Pens into a false sense of security. >:)
  8. LARKIN!
  10. Z + Mantha = Magic
  11. That sequence is why I f******* hate our collapse defense.
  12. Stuck with the NHL Network feed, which I'm sure will be the ROOT feed.
  13. I would argue that all of those players use(d) their size to their advantage. Like, Mantha doesn't throw his weight around aggressively, but we've seen him use his size to protect the puck, drive to the net, outmuscle smaller players, intercept the opposition's pass attempts with his long reach, etc.
  14. It's definitely been a thing for at least the past three years. And, actually, as Mickey noted in one of the recent broadcasts, most teams are now coached to play some form of "box-out" defense, where you try to push the other team out to the perimeter and force them to settle for low-percentage shot attempts, usually from the point. The Wings, of course, take it to a ridiculous extreme and treat every d-zone situation like it's a desperate PK scenario. And this, I feel, is a big reason why our transition game is often nonexistent -- and why, in turn, we have such trouble generating offense and scoring goals. Like, collapsing down low and in tight makes some sense if you're only thinking about defending the net at all costs and swatting the puck out of the zone as soon as it touches your stick blade -- but what happens when you regain possession and you want to move up the ice with possession and force the other team back into their end? By collapsing and boxing out, you're kind of shooting your breakout/transition in the foot straightaway. You're deep in your zone. You've pushed at least two opposing players out to the perimeter, so they're in position to impede your progress when you try to break out and move through neutral ice. Your players are too close together, and they're probably tired (treating every d-zone situation like it's a PK), and they're probably all flat-footed. And this is the only team in the league that can't be counted on to complete simple tape-to-tape passes on a consistent basis. Ugh! The self-defeating "safeness" of it all! /rant
  15. To me, a power forward is big and highly skilled and difficult to contain/defend against/play against (because of that combination of size and skill). So, for me, it's a broad spectrum. Gordie Howe. Mario Lemieux. Jaromir Jagr. Cam Neely. Clark Gillies. Rick Tocchet. Al Secord. Mark Messier. Eric Lindros. John LeClair. Wendel Clark. Keith Tkachuk. Brendan Shanahan. Sergei Fedorov. Todd Bertuzzi. Eric Staal. Rick Nash. Milan Lucic. Jarome Iginla. Thomas Vanek. Dustin Byfuglien (when he played forward). Brent Burns (when he played forward). Joe Thornton. Alex Ovechkin. Evgeni Malkin. Johan Franzen. Blake Wheeler. Jakub Voracek. Wayne Simmonds. Anze Kopitar. Jeff Carter. Chris Kreider. Jamie Benn. Jack Eichel. Patrick Laine. Anthony Mantha. Et al.