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  1. It's Jeff Blashill's world, we're just dying in it.
  2. That was my first thought.
  3. Terrible.
  4. To be clear, I don't mean I'm rejecting what the metrics tell us about this team. I'm saying this team has performed so poorly that I'm not sure there's much to learn from the numbers right now.
  5. I haven't been digging into the underlying numbers as much as I normally would, mainly because this team is playing boneheaded hockey and it's making me increasingly apathetic. I'm pretty sure, though, that his CF% (5-on-5) had in fact been relatively good for a long stretch of time. Even now, I think he's currently sitting at something like 45, which isn't great, but it puts him somewhere in the middle of our lineup. I stand by the notion that when he's playing well, he's making good plays out of our end and helping to push the puck up the ice while also being responsible on the defensive side of the puck. That's largely the eye test talking, but he's so young (for a defenseman) and inexperienced and our team is so resoundingly awful by most metrics that I'm putting more stock in what I'm seeing than I normally would. So, I'm ok with what he's shown so far this season. I do think Blashill was right to sit him after his most recent games, though. I joked about this in a different thread, but I actually do believe a young and inexperienced defenseman can really benefit from watching a few games as a spectator. If nothing else, some time in the press box gives him a chance to mentally reset.
  6. As for fixing this defense... It depends on where we are come the trade deadline. If we sell, we're basically launching a rebuild. If we don't sell...I dunno know, man. Sign Michael Stone in the summer? (We're not getting Shattenkirk.) Try to trade for a young up-and-comer like Julius Honka, Shea Theodore, Anthony DeAngelo? Pray? Drink?
  7. double post
  8. All things considered, I'd say Sproul's been fine. Prior to his recent struggles, his CF% had consistently ranked among the best on the team -- and, watching him play, I don't feel that's a fluke. When he's on his game, he's visibly effective on both sides of the puck, especially in driving the attack up ice. (Dat first pass tho.) When he's not on his game, he looks like what he is: a naturally gifted 23-year-old offensive defenseman...with less than 20 games of NHL experience under his belt.
  9. AA

  10. I'm gonna go do productive things. I can't do Red Wings hockey right now. It angers me far more than it entertains me.
  11. I would say the whole house is on fire.
  12. [Insert stock Blashill comment along the lines of "Well, we just felt like the game was getting away from him a little bit. Sometimes, with a young player -- and I think this is especially true of young defensemen -- it can be good for them to step away for a few games and try to see the game from a different perspective. I just told him to watch what Niklas Kronwall and Jonathan Ericsson do. They play a real solid, steady, smart game. And obviously Lashoff is a real steady presence, an everyday player. The thing we always talk about, as a team, is it's not enough to be good for just one game or two games. You've gotta do it everyday. This is an everyday league. The other thing we talk about is you've gotta get better each and every day."]
  13. "Larkin is our leading goal-scorer and is one of our best possession players, but he doesn't use his wingers enough and he can't be trusted defensively, so let's put him between the two worst players on the team our top defensive specialists. That'll learn him a lesson in Responsible Hockey." - Jeff Blashill #BlueCollar #DetroitTough #MadeinMichigan #200ftGame #WeH8Kids
  14. Anthony Mantha is really good at hockey.