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  1. Going to bed now. Peace out, y'allz.
  2. I dislike the pick because I don't think Rasmussen is a true high-end talent. I think his stock was inflated because he's 6'6" tall. I pray I'm wrong, but I fear he's another Sheahan. I hate to link to this for the 70th time, but, from everything I've seen and heard and read, I feel it's on-point:
  3. OK, I've vented and ingested some booze. I feel a little better. Welcome aboard, Rasmussen. I hope you become the next Jesus Christ. If you fail to become the next Jesus Christ, I will boo you mercilessly at every opportunity. #Family
  5. The shame. It burns. It burns white hot. brb hanging myself
  6. He's one of the few consensus North-American first-rounders I haven't seen in person. But I've watched stuff on YouTube and spoken to people who've seen him in person. Those people say he's effective but unremarkable.
  7. Rasmussen doesn't respek da system. Da system respeks Rasmussen. Rasmussen isn't like Holmstrom. Holmstrom was like Rasmussen. The Red Wings didn't pick Rasmussen. Rasmussen picked the Red Wings.
  8. Ken Holland and his cronies.
  9. Exactly. Rasmussen is like Holmstrom -- but better. And by "like Holmstrom -- but better" I mean "not like Holmstrom, but that's how they're going to spin it." WE NEEDZ THE NETS FRONTS. ABBY FAILED. SHEAHANAHAHAN FAILED. HELP US RASMUSSEN, YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE. NETZ FRONTS. GRITZ. SIZE. POWAH FAWUD.
  10. I'm saying we feel he's a real good player, obviously he's got some real good size, and that's something we feel we lack in our forward group, obviously he's real good on the power play, obviously he's a real good he's a good real obviously defensively responsible responsible defensively real good big body boy oh boy atta boy kiddo way to go kiddo bingo bango he's big and the Wings needed to get bigger up front and that's exactly what they did this is the power forward we've sorely needed he's a dynamic player who can do it all he's probably the next Holmstrom except bigger and better and he's real good and good real and y'know we feel he gives us a real good package of real good defensively good real defense power play net front real good real big body. Defensively responsible.
  11. He's not even good at a lot of things. He's a hundred feet taller than his peers, he hangs around the net, he puts in easy goals. That's Michael Rasmussen. He's not a high-skill player. He's not a playmaker. He's not a naturally gifted goal-scorer. He's not a two-way force. He's big. That's it. I mean, I'm no NHL amateur scout. But, from where I stand, at this moment in time, this is an awful decision. Even if Vilardi or Liljegren isn't available and you have your heart set on Rasmussen, TRADE BACK A FEW SPOTS AND DRAFT HIM AT #13 OR WHATEVER. I hope I'm wrong. I hope Rasmussen becomes a franchise center. But, realistically, he's going to be another bottom-six grinder.
  12. I'm pretty livid, I'm not gonna lie. Having Vilardi fall to us and picking MICHAEL RASMUSSEN, the one guy I WANTED US TO NOT PICK, is the perfect cherry on our 2016-17 season.
  13. My waifu.
  14. Cool story, bro.
  15. Ken Holland likes his games like he likes his players: old.