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  1. Very impressive win! This is how this Wings team needs to play.
  2. MAN!thony is love. MAN!thony is life. MAN!thony is bae.
  3. I think I've kind of accepted that we're pretty much stuck with what we have. Bottom line is we're up against the cap and we don't have many ultra-sexy assets that we can offer up in a trade proposal. And that's saying nothing of the specific circumstances of each of the three aforementioned trade targets and of their respective clubs. Consider Shattenkirk: He's on the last year of his contract He won't necessarily be traded. (You'd probably have to blow Doug Armstrong out of the water with your offer) What if we acquire him -- and give up a significant asset (or two, or three) to do so -- and he signs elsewhere in the summer? Are we close enough to winning a Cup that it'd be worth the risk? Personally, no, I don't think we are Say we don't acquire him but do plan to target him if he hits the open market in the summer. Even if he 1) hits the open market and 2) doesn't have his heart set on a certain team (though, word on the street is he wants to be a Ranger), you're looking at a bidding war and, ultimately, a massive payday for him. Personally, I don't see us winning that bidding war Consider Fowler: Great skater, but not necessarily a great defenseman who's going to fill a critical hole on our blue line. IMHO, if we're moving Nyquist or Tatar for him, we're probably not improving the team by all that much, if at all. Might even be taking a bit of a step back We've all talked about Trouba to death, so I won't even touch on him. So, unfortunately, our D group seems to be more-or-less set, at least for the time being. ("The time being" probably = the rest of this season, maybe longer.)
  4. Am I the only one who re-watched the Larkin fight and pretended Yannick Weber was Shea Weber?
  5. I think it's worth keeping in mind that he, having only played for the Islanders, really hasn't seen much playoff action at all. (A grand total of 24 postseason games.) So, in terms of wear and tear and mileage (not to mention the clean and efficient brand of hockey he plays), I'd say he's a "young 32."
  6. 2 points! Hoo boy, that game...heart attack city.
  7. No. We're saving that 1st for Filppula. >:)
  8. I have to be honest...I'm not a fan of them. But, hey, whatever works for him is fine by me.
  9. I think he had that much room because the Rangers knew the period was over. If it isn't the dying seconds of the period, he probably gets closed off earlier and that opportunity never even arises.
  10. Howard is putting on a show.
  11. Obligatory too much mans penalty.
  12. I've been thinking of putting this on a t-shirt.