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  1. Sheahan traded to Edmonton for McDavid. I think Edmonton won this trade.
  2. #GetHyped
  3. (P.S. I didn't mean to hijack the thread, or pull it off on a tangent. The hypothetical Larkin-for-Trouba swap is just something I've been contemplating on and off for the past couple of weeks or so. I guess, more than anything, I'm wondering if people here are less sold on Larkin than they were back in, say, October.)
  4. Say the Jets ask for Larkin, straight up (i.e. no additional picks or prospects. A one-for-one swap.) So, we get a good young defenseman and we get to keep the pick. Do you pull the trigger? I'm not necessarily advocating. Just curious.
  5. Personally, I don't want Holland in charge of the rebuild. He's too close to the players, the organization. We need new blood, new ideas, objectivity, a clean slate. (IMO.)
  6. REAL TALK How do I work this? Where is that large automobile? This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! LINEUPS Nyquist is going to be suspended today Vanek may or may not play tonight (Khan) Paul Stastny is out with a lower-body injury Red Wings Tatar Zetterberg Mantha Athanasiou Nielsen Vanek Larkin Helm Abdelkader Glendening Sheahan Ott DeKeyser Green Smith Ouellet Kronwall Jensen Mrazek * * * Blues Schwartz Steen Tarasenko Agostino Berglund Perron Jaskin Lehtera Paajarvi Upshall Barbashev Reaves Bouwmeester Pietrangelo Edmundson Parayko Shattenkirk Bortuzzo Allen HYPE JAM Led Zeppelin + The Beatles - "Whole Lotta Helter Skelter" LGRW!!!
  7. Therrien is the worst; this is a major upgrade for the Habs. It must be nice having a GM who does stuff. I've forgotten what that's like.
  8. Right, I'm not necessarily saying they need a heavyweight. I was just saying Wings fans probably shouldn't get their hopes up for Julien/Hitchcock. I'd like Ralph Krueger, largely because he's known for being a good teacher.
  9. Thing is, the coach has to want to come here. The Wings were an extremely attractive option back in the mid-2000s and Babcock wasn't yet a truly established NHL head coach (though he'd just led the Ducks to the SCF). Now? We're a bottom feeder staring down the barrel of a long and painful rebuild. I'd be shocked if Julien or Hitchcock chose to come aboard. Of course, this is all probably moot, as I have a hard time seeing Holland firing or even demoting Blashill.
  10. Eh, I dunno if I'd say it flies in the face of that narrative. On the one hand, they're a team of acquisitions and they're having a hell of a season. On the other hand, they haven't really proven anything yet. Is this success sustainable over the course of several seasons? Can they make a deep and convincing run in the playoffs? Can they make a deep and convincing run in consecutive playoffs? Can they win a Cup? In any case, one homegrown guy that they definitely should not have moved: Brent "Arguably the best defenseman in the NHL right now" Burns. Oof.