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  1. Yeah, I was never sold on the notion that Vanek was absolutely going to bring us a 1st "because [x] garnered [y]." There are so many variables with this kind of thing. (Look at what happened with Ben Bishop.) I'm really disappointed with the return, and, like you, I wonder if Holland simply waited too long. But I think it's fair to conclude that there was never a truly serious market for Vanek. It was "Well, if we can't get our guy, maybe we circle back to Vanek on deadline day. But we don't necessarily need Vanek. It'd just be nice to have him as a third-liner or whatever. I guess."
  2. lol
  3. Well, it is Vegas...
  4. Quit harshin' my buzz, haterz.
  5. Maybe Kenny's passive-aggressively threatening to expose Vanek to potential injury if the interested party doesn't pony up within the next hour? That would be kinda badass.
  6. boooooooooo
  7. There is no weak, no strong. No win, no lose. No draft. There is only Andrei Svechnikov. Keep an eye out for Andrei Svechnikov, 2018 draft frontrunner Andrei Svechnikov shows why he's 'Russia's next big thing' at WJAC Interview With Young Phenom Andrei Svechnikov
  8. NOTE: Not verified. Treat accordingly.
  9. REAL TALK HAPPY PANCAKE TUESDAY!!! (Also, something something trades something something.) LINEUPS RED WINGS Tatar Zetterberg Mantha Athanasiou Nielsen Vanek Abdelkader Helm Larkin Glendening Sheahan Ott/Miller DeKeyser Green Kronwall Jensen Ouellet Sproul Mrazek * * * CANUCKS D. Sedin H. Sedin Hansen Boucher Horvat Eriksson Granlund Sutter Megna Labate Gaunce Grenier Edler Stecher Sbisa Larsen Hutton Biega Miller HYPE JAM Papa Roach - "M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)" LGRW!!!