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  1. I picked the Cardinals, but it's not looking good.
  2. Stevie-Y. Come on guys, this guy was jobbed out of one of his last seasons of his career. He deserves as many goals as he can get, to make up for those goals he lost.
  3. A majority say, "Lord Stanley cup champions," as a minimum expectation? Come on guys? This is a realistic goal, but you can't have that as a minimum expection.
  4. This guy is a great asset to the team. I think he fits in well with the Wings and can even play a mentor roll with guys like Lebda and Kronwall, assuming we bring Lebda back up like we should.
  5. Easily, I would take Datsyuk. However, he needs to perform during the playoffs. There's no one in the league like Datsyuk. He's a magician with the puck, plus, he could put people in the seats.
  6. We don't need a guy who is a fighter (Grimson or Probert-like), we just need guys who can fight if we need them too (Shanahan).
  7. This is easy. My mom was born in Edmonton, so I grew up watching the Oilers (during the glory years). They were by far the most fun team I have ever watched (up until Detroit's last cup team).
  8. They didn't have radar when Gordie Howe was shooting the puck. I couldn't imagine where he is on the radar. Give me Gordie.
  9. This is a slam-dunk answer. Aebischer is over-rated. What has this guy ever done to even merit elite goalie status? He puts on a sweater that bears the same logo as Roy's last sweater, so he gets credit. This guy is not a legit NHL starter and I'm glad that the Avs haven't realized this yet.
  10. If Hasek gets hurt, I'm going to change my answer to Montreal. The Flyers still do not have the goaltending to make it.
  11. Samuelsson, he's got all the tools.
  12. Sergei always has been and always will be my favorite player.
  13. This rivalry will be more tame than in the past. Guys like Foote, Forsberg, Lemieux and McCarty are gone, plus, this isn't a mash em and bash em NHL anymore. This league is about smarts now.