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  1. bettman def wasnt happy about the wings winning this one. why cant he be happy for the better team?
  2. lmao, this pic is too funny!!!
  3. yeah that was pretty hilarious. i loved it.
  4. OMG that was a great game tonight!!!!! The wings dominated the play!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for game 6, one more win to the cup!!!!
  5. yeah i never liked vs. they are very biased. i wish fsn would play all the games in the playoffs.
  6. the announcers think that the short handed goal by the pens will be the series turn around. the wings are way too experienced to let something like that get to them, they know what they have to do, they just need to get out there and do it. i think they are gonna win game 5, and 6. Lets not get too frustrated people. wings in 6!!!
  7. right now i think helm is the best player on our team...
  8. i still cant believe this, i thought for sure they would win this one.... its a whole new series now guys.
  9. if the wings would have played like this in the second period, we wouldnt be in the position we are now.... i dont understand why they do this. they looked really tired in the second... we have to win the next game for sure. GO WINGS!
  10. i think the wings are gonna come out with their best game yet in game 7. they are tired of the cheap shots and weak calls, i think they will come out flying. the ducks wont know what hit them.
  11. lol well said! hahaha dumb ducks fan
  12. ducks fans dont know anything about plain and simple! another thing that is simple is that pronger is a moron. LETS GO WINGS!!
  13. yeah i dont see that happening.... its gonna be the same bull s***..
  14. I cant believe thst the ref didnt see the puck, it was ridiculous i am so pissed now... no worries though the wings will come back and win game 3.