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  1. WTF I literally just turned my tv on to see Bert on a breakaway. Way to go NHL.... Also get rid of Conklin's stick, wtf it has blue tape lol
  2. lol this website is pretty funny. I lol'd at the gordie howe page:
  3. MALTBY!!!!!! Olay Olay Olayolayolay (yeah, I have no clue how to spell it)
  4. just stopping by with a question. Will they be using the international ice size for the game?
  5. I don't care where the man is, as long as he stays away from Detroit. My mom was obsessed with him back when he came to Detroit. I wish someone would post the picture of him that sums it all up. There was a photoshopped picture of a lazy-boy or something behind him as he was falling. Made it look like he was taking a nice relaxing break. Anyways.... I'm Lazy, and I what?
  6. lol I was just curious becuse they do it like that for the Sedin brothers.
  7. so if both Jeremy and Jason Williams were on the ice, what would the jerseys say? They both can't have J. Williams. I wondered this about the Sedins. They use their first initial, but what if they both started with M for example? Just something I was wondering about, because the other day I mixed up Jason and Jeremy.
  8. Look, I'm really happy for you Bruins, and I'ma let you finish but Detroit had the best winter classic jerseys of all time.
  9. a positive? A rivalry is born. I haven't hated a team this much since the Avs.
  10. WINGS GO!
  11. GO WINGS!!!!!!!
  13. GO WINGS!
  14. LETS GO WINGS!!! FORWARD to 1955!
  15. GO WINGS!!