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  1. When Holland comes out on the ice or anything like Bettman he should be boo'd just the same. I won't even be surprised if fans at the Wings games start bringing cardboard with "Holland Sucks" or "Fire Holland"written on it at this point. I feel so bad us the fans along with Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc. Watch next players we actually want on the team start requesting trades.
  2. BUF to buy out Christian Ehrhoff

    Ericsson has a no trade contract doesn't he? I'd love to see him traded along with Kindl and Franzen to try and get a forward while getting Ehrhoff and Niskanen. Not gonna happen though.
  3. Blockbuster deal?

    I would love being able to trade Cleary for Ott.
  4. 11/1 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Flames 3

    Where did hockey go!!!
  5. 11/1 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Flames 3

    C'mon FOX!!! Oh it better now lol. Hopefully it stays this way.
  6. Franchise Hockey Manager

    I haven't even looked at the cost yet. For $40 it better be awesome!!! Hopefully there is a trial version.
  7. Franchise Hockey Manager

    Has anyone used this hockey franchise manager? If so, what are your thoughts on it? It sounds pretty interesting.
  8. Crosby left the game after puck to the face

    Like him or not as a player doesn't matter, wishing someone harm or being happy they are hurt is low. It's not like he personally assaulted you or your family lol. Hope he is okay.
  9. I love Dats and I think he is one of the best current players in the world, But I remember how much speed and power Feds had still. He could change/win games in a moment. The guy was amazing as is Dats, but of the two I def have to give it to Fedorov.
  10. If you could reset the career of one Wings player...

    Aside from the obvious Yzerman or Lidstrom i'd say Kanstantinov or Fisher (without either of them having their futures ended like they did). Probert is an awesome one too! Fedorov too if he would have retired as a Wing.
  11. Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    Getting Doan would be awesome for the Wings to add many dimensions with one player. I'm just nervous he may choose a team that seems like it has a better chance at the cup.
  12. Team Rating

    Offense: 3 Defense: 4.5 Goaltending: 3.5 Physicality: 2 Powerplay: 2.5 Penaltykilling: 4 Clutch: 4 Coaching: 4.5
  13. What do the Wings do with the money they have left?

    We really need to get Bert and Hasek on board...this waiting period is making me nervous, moreso with Bert? What is goin on? Hopefully since Bert really liked it here he won't make this too difficult and hopeully Kenny isn't stopping at like 1.5mill or letting him go.
  14. Bertuzzi Update (1:37pm): Game-time decision

    Yeah the past couple games he hasn't helped at all!!! SARCASM!!! Damn! He's been picking his game up...we got him to be big not to be fast...people will never be happy Isn't this thread about what happened to Bertuzzi? Not about bashing him!?!?