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  1. the nhl seems to agree so i don't really get the attacks.
  2. Unless I am mistaken, the contract he signed with Vancouver is still the 2 year, 10 million/year contract, no? There was no other info in the TSN article. That amount is pro-rated for the remainder of this year, and is a full 10 mill next year. The fact is that the Rangers have a better chance of winning the East than Vancouver has of winning the West. So, he still just took the money. Please correct my statements about his contract if i'm mistaken..
  3. in the end, he just went for the money.
  4. It doesn't say anything about Joe sticking his hand into the snowblower. I don't think he would be so stupid. If that had happened, wouldn't his fingers have been severed rather than simply broken?
  5. terrible shot by Sammy. Hossa needs a point to continue his point streak!!!
  6. fishy.
  7. Favre tempted to show up at camp to call Packers "bluff" wow. He says he knows this will cause a media circuis, but it might not stop him. What a guy.
  8. does anyone have the link to the video of Pierre McGuire talking about the Finger deal??
  9. http://sportsnet.ca/hockey/2008/07/01/penguins_jagr/ hmmm
  10. Sundin getting huge offers! One team has offered 10 million per season on a multiyear contract. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=242175&lid...s=secStory_main
  11. wow.
  12. Bertuzzi on waivers as per tsn.
  13. from tsn: Holland will make deal if price is right
  14. Cliff confirms he's talking to certain teams, but isn't saying much else. Regarding a contract extension for Mats: won't confirm anything, "everything's on the table right now" I just realized this interview is happening just down the road from my house!