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    The Wings! Umm, Punk and Rock music, video games (Mostly NHL 06). I'm a comedian. I love to read and write comedy. I love Kevin Smith movies, he is my idol. South Park is my favorite show on earth. It rules over me. And Don Hertzfeldt rules. Hmmm... And that's about it.

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  1. Big line or Share the wealth?

    Big lines are important. You have a big line you'll get a lot more scoring, I feel. Just look at Ottawa.
  2. Griffins sign Ryan Jorde

    Me likeys. Me really likeys.
  3. Post Everytime You Look

  4. Post Everytime You Look

    This topic is truly odd.
  5. Picture Wars

  6. Datsyuk Offer?

    Wow. I wouldn't even give two of them away. Datsyuk is a player the Wings have to hold onto for as long as they possibly can, and Howard is someone that I wouldn't want to regret trading away in the future. I might be fine with Legace. I'm not good at the trading stuff so I won't even try to suggest anything (even though I already did try).
  7. Hudler or Ricci

    They both aint great but Ricci's damn ugly. DAMN ugly. I mean just... DAMN.
  8. Kolasau starting to move the mountains

    If he doesn't get signed I might start having doubts about this organization.
  9. If you were a goalie...

    I chose Dats. After that shootout goal two games ago I witnessed in the stands I would be scared to face that again. He's got madd skillz, yo.
  10. Members photos

    I love how you have two beers going. That's hardcore.
  11. Members photos

    I might consider renaming this topic. I thought it meant something completely different before I opened it.
  12. Who on the Wings will have a breakout season?

    I would have said it earlier, and now I have more reason to. Zetterberg is going to make things big this year, and he's off to a great start.
  13. Eastern Conference

    Yeah, I know, going with what everyone else is saying, but they're saying it for a good reason. Ottawa is looking pretty damn good.
  14. Avalance and Redwings

    Yes! Why the heck not?
  15. 2005 World Series

    I'd say Astros, but really, I know nothing about how good which baseball teams are...