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  1. Vincanni

    Home Ice

    However, much like in the NBA the team that makes it out of the East will be a lot fresher in the finals due to the cake walk (compared to the West) to get there. Not even going to mention the travel differences or scratch the surface of how terrible the Southeast Division is.
  2. Vincanni

    Home Ice

    Yeah I just noticed this myself, and yes the East sucks.
  3. Vincanni

    History will be made: Datsyuk/Zetterberg

    Saw this today on a TV at a leisure center here in Chilliwack B.C. and first thing I did when I got home was tell my fiancee about it. Imagine how elated I was to see you guys start a thread about it here so I could show her. Really really good commercial.
  4. Vincanni

    WCQF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 1

    Just wanna say great game by the Wings, from start to finish they looked great!
  5. Apparently Greg Wyshynski's blog on Yahoo! Sports is doing a contest centered on the Doan expression (link here.) Really makes me wish I had any photoshop talent to speak of. Some great ones here that could definitely be contenders.
  6. Vincanni

    Green Man suits next to the LA sin bin

    jack Johnson is a full on rapist.
  7. Vincanni

    So....San Jose is a different team....

    Adminantly they seem more unlucky than terrible, granted Nabakov has dropped the ball big time, though they were also robbed of a goal earlier. The guy had a .250 save percentage in the 2nd period too.
  8. Vincanni

    11/7 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Maple Leafs 5

    *Generic complaint generalizing the entire team's inability to produce results onto one specific scape goat, thus raising the hope of my future expectations for this team to unfold granted that one scape goat is removed or turns his game around.*
  9. Vincanni

    Top 15 NHL hitters

    Throw in a gauge for pound for pound prowess and I might consider him number 1, though overall I definitely think #2 is a bit high.
  10. Vincanni

    Thanks for the Season Marian

    I can honestly say I never once expected him to stay and always preferred keeping Franzen and Hudler over him. Though he was exciting to watch this year... In the regular season at least.
  11. Vincanni

    The Official MMA Thread

    Thought I'd bump us this thread since for the off season this is my number 1 sport. UFC 99 is tomorrow and while it lacks any title or legit contender match ups, its a very solid card. Pride fanboys such as myself get to see Cro Cop back and though a shadow of his former self I still hold onto te hope he'll regain some former glory. in action as well as the Axe Murderer in a great match up against Franklin which will really determine Wanderlei's relevance as a 185er. Highly regarded Cain Velasquez gets his first major test in a fight that could line up a title shot for either one. Saunders on of my favorite fighters get a top ten WW fighter in Swick. Also Fisher/Uno and Davis/Hardy should both be very entertaining bouts with middle-high end fighters in their divisions. Also Tim Sylvia (weighed in ay over 310 O_O)is going to be boxing Ray Mercer, a mistake in my opinion. Two entirely different sports and Kimbo is going to be on the new TUF along with some former pro Football players, Roy Nelson (My pick to win it) and Wes Sims. Surely there must be something to talk about amidst all of this.
  12. Vincanni

    What are you doing now?

    Now I'm gonna write a mean poem about you and cats!
  13. Vincanni

    What are you doing now?

    Your avatar is freaking hilarious and yeah in all actually I'm doing the same exact thing, really not nearly as bothered with the Wings loss today as I thought I'd be.
  14. Vincanni

    What are you doing now?

    I'm listening to Linkin Park and cutting myself while crying tears into my diary positioned amidst a myriad of assorted pills.
  15. Vincanni

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

    LOL. I find it funny that both Lion and Pirates fans almost get defensive when someone suggests a team is worse than them. Its like some masochistic badge of honor to know you follow the crappiest team in professional sports. I don't know much about the Pirates, but they have won a few titles since the Lions have won one. Also have one more title overall then the Lions though have been around quite a bit longer so that's sort of a push. Lions do own the distinguishing anathema of holding the worst record in their sports history, though have made the playoffs more recently than the Pirates. Either way I think you wipe one from the map and aside from their fan base the only other people to really notice will be the fans of the other teams in their divisions wondering with bewilderment why their schedules all of a sudden got harder.
  16. Vincanni

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

    Philly must loooooooove them.
  17. Vincanni

    Could Penguins win the Cup if they had the injuries

    Could the Penguins win the Cup if..... the game was PLAYED IN SAND!!! Seriously guys, I know the Red Wings are an amazing team and this series as a whole is an upset, but they deserve the credit for finding a formula to beat us. ...but I agree with you.
  18. Vincanni

    Marian Hossa, merged

    Just a simple observation. (From Hauntingly fitting don't you think?
  19. Vincanni

    Were They Too Complacent Going Into Game 7?

    I actually am more inclined to believe that was our depth wearing on the Pens that saw us always shine late game. Wings tried like hell early on just couldn't find the energy to match up initially in most games. Call it fatigue on the Wings part or just simply the Pens having more jump when fresh, but either way the Pens finished their chances with more efficiency. I do agree however 100% with the Pens not dominating, there was no dominating any game of this series for either team except for game 5. Pens deserved to win, but I don't believe did so being the better team necessarily, but being far more efficient. They killed us on special teams and scored on our turnovers. I don't recall them scoring much if at all 5-on-5 from sustained pressure, but rather turned our own momentum against us. The Penguins where like water, while the Wings tried playing like an unyielding boulder. They were a viper, and we were a constrictor. Less effort more results, as opposed to more effort and fewer results. ...and now I know I need sleep, I'm starting to turn into a character from a martial arts movie.
  20. Vincanni

    Were They Too Complacent Going Into Game 7?

    Actually a good valid point, the rebounds where there just short. Of course playoff hockey's leniency with calls allowed Chewbacca (Gill) to slobber knock anyone who dared come close. I hope Ericsson can be eventually be forged into a similar type of player, they're truly invaluable during the finals.
  21. Vincanni

    Good Fans

    Apparently you care, since you responded with your internet tough guy act. How drunk are you or do you just jump at any chance to be a D-bag with reckless abandon, because you missed my point, and then missed me highlighting the fact that you missed my initial point. I said the exact opposite. I DON'T hate Crosby and suggested most people's dislike of him stems from the way the media over exposes him. How are you not getting this?
  22. Vincanni

    Were They Too Complacent Going Into Game 7?

    I thought they came out firing on all cylinders and controlled the vast majority of the game on most aspects. Just way too many wasted shots, I believe they missed the net more times then hit honestly. Either way Pens style of play punctured holes in the Wings puck possession giving them chances off of turnovers which they finished. Fleury was also amazing and giving up next to no second chances.
  23. Vincanni

    Penguins will dismantle due to cap space

    IS this suppose to be some failed attempt at schadenfreude or serious statistical analysis, because I think most fans on this boards have more important issues to focus on to give you a ton of feedback on this.
  24. Vincanni

    Good Fans

    Care to specify what you mean? I made a light-hearted comment in an attempt to diffuse some potentially misdirected anger at Crosby and all of a sudden have issues? Seems to me you're the one who's angry and with issues. Or are you berating me because I'm trying to view something with objectivity that you determine with subjective seething hatred to be wrong? CROSBY IS A GURL WHO CRIES AND BUUTTMAN GAVE HIM THE CUP, does that appease your reasoning any or are you completely missing the point?