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  1. Headed to the Joe for the first time

    Hockeytown Cafe sounds like it is going to be AWESOME I knew a girl who went to the joe and actually met Cleary and Lang and Maltby at the Cafe... she had pictures to prove.. I was so jealous.... What are the chances of that happening.... should we go there before the game and after the game.. I didn't know if they sometimes pop in there after a game or what not... her pictures were during the day, so who knows. What about the pride of Detroit, that only has the wings jersey on it during the playoffs doesn't it... wishful thinking huh...
  2. Headed to the Joe for the first time

    Yeah I'm not familiar with the area at all, but since I am driving and I have a gps I am hoping that I won't have a problem, but you never know... thanks for the tips. I don't think I could ever have enough money for everything I am going to want at Hockeytown Authentics but I'm prepared to be in debt ... ha ha... its all worth it for my first time at the Joe.... I told my girl that I would get her a Cleary jersey... should I get that at Authentics or at the Joe... wasn't sure where you would get the best deal... I think I saw a price tag when the camera was panning past a stand at the Joe on tv and it said 150 which about what I figured.
  3. Headed to the Joe for the first time

    Thanks man, I was actually surprised to learn that it is only an 11 hour drive. Considering the fact that it is going to be New Years Eve when we return I figured it would be smarter to drive rather than risk having a flight cancellation.... It is always nice to find Wings fans around here, although every time I have been to Boston to see the wings play, Its great to see how many there are around here, or at least how many that will travel and follow. I went to New Jersey to see them play once back in 01/02 and I swear there were more wings fans there than Devils fans.. it was great.
  4. Headed to the Joe for the first time

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the discussions but I have been a fan of the site for over 2 years now and check it often to see what people say. I have been a Redwings fan my entire life, basically ever since I can remember watching Steve Yzerman when I was younger and they were not the successful Redwings of today. Anyways, I live in Connecticut and my brother and I are headed to the Joe for the first time in our lives. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. My girlfriend got both of us tickets on the glass for the Dec. 30th game against the Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to know what advice you guys had as to what I have to see when I am in Detroit. We will get there on the 29th and leave on the 31st, so much I want to do in such a short time. We plan to go to Hockeytown Cafe and Hockeytown Authentics in Troy. I would like to check out Cheli's as well but I wanted to know what you guys thought.
  5. SFE: Wings looking at 'star player' by deadline

    Instead of looking for a new player to add to the history of the Redwings and finding someone that is going to fit properly, I agree with bringing back someone that we know fit right and would be a nice addition. I'm not saying that I wouldn't like a "new" star player come deadline, but why don't they just try to get Darren back from Calgary and then we could put the grind line back together. That would be great! He's physical, can score, and the fans in Detroit and everywhere else love him. Why not? Your Thoughts....