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  1. Game 3 Officiating

    I'd hate it! Just like I dispised the Heatley penalty late in the game. That was a terrible call. But I hated it for 2 reasons: 1. It wasn't a penalty. 2. The ref used it as a make-up call. Essentially that tells every fan and player that "We've been f**king you over all game long so here's a freebie". It acknowledges what a poor job they've done. I really hope they call the standard evenly for game 3 and none of that ticky-tack crap like Howard's slashing or Abby's interference. And most of the shenanigans that are taking place out there will end the minute one of the zebra's grows a pair and calls the Sharks for diving. It embarrasses the officials and the NHL.
  2. WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    Does anyone have the replay of Howard's slashing call? A friend of mine refuses to believe how badly this game was officiated and I wanted to use this as an example. P.S. I though the Sharks played very well and out-muscled us for most loose pucks. But the soft calls at the beginning didn't help in the least.
  3. Is it time for a promotion for Stevie?

    Very true. It could be disastrous if he went to a team like Tampa Bay. He needs to go to a team with top upper management and a strong base of players and prospects. I'm sure he's chomping at the bit to go, but the best thing for him is to stay with Detroit and learn more from Nill and Kenny. There's arguably no better combo in the business right now. But I can't say I'd blame him for moving on. P.S. I wonder how long before Messier takes over for Slats?
  4. Is it time for a promotion for Stevie?

    From things I've read I'd be more surprised if they let Jim Nill go. Eventually Holland will be bumped to a full-time presidents role with Nill taking the reigns as GM. Yzerman will then take over as assistant-GM. But I wouldn't doubt if Yzerman leaves the Wings in 2-3 years to get a full-time gig somewhere else. There's a number of teams that will be looking for a new GM soon (Ottawa, Florida, Atlanta) and I bet his taste of running the ship with Team Canada has Stevie eager to lead his own team sooner than later.
  5. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    Again, who's to say he hasn't? Some of these athletes do insane amounts of charity work we never hear about (Crosby included). If Crosby came out and said "I called Lidstrom to apologize" people would say "Listen to Sid brag about how awesome he is". EDIT: Beat me too it Micah. The only person that deserved an apology for that is Lidstrom and for all we know Sid already made it. How come it's alright to assume in favor against Sid, but not the other way? Call out Crosby for whining and diving early in his career. He deserves it. But the reasons provided by the OP are beyond ridiculous. It's hilarious to me that someone calls him out for being immature by giving immature reasons.
  6. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    Excellent point. In my mind, Crosby doesn't have to earn anyone's respect. Yes, he was a whiner and diver in the beginning of his career. Big deal. So was Gretzky and Lemieux. And so was Forsberg. He's far more mature now and he's only 22. Just look at how insanely immature many act on this message board. Now imagine giving some of us $20M and a Cup. I imagine the douchery that would take place would eclipse anything we saw on Jersey Shore. I mean, look at this ridiculous thread. Who's calling the kettle black?
  7. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    This is such a joke. Why not just create a thread that says "I hate Crosby because". There's no pleasing Crosby haters. None. The kid can't do anything right no matter how he acts. And let me get this straight, he was supposed to say "I got lucky with that goal"? Give me a break! First it wasn't luck, it was skill. Second, I wouldn't expect anyone on the ice to say that trash if they scored. And really, we're still on the handshake deal? Chelios went out of his way not to shake hands in 07 but that's okay. But Crosby gets stuck in an interview and genuinely forgets and he's vilified. Even after Lidstrom said it was an oversight by Sid, not a slight. I wish these haters wouldn't try to mask their reasons. Just say you hate him because you hate him. If anyone else in the league did these things (ie Ovechkin, Carter, Marleau, Savard) nobody would say boo. But everyone hates Sid. He didn't demand to be the NHL's poster boy. He didn't ask to be on every commercial. I can guarantee you people would hate him if he asked to stop being profiled. If he pushed a kid with a camera he'd be boiled and feathered. Why does AO get a pass on that? The kids insanely talented, has respect for the game and others and is humble. Stop nitpicking every incident trying to find dirt on him. Get a life.
  8. 11/8 GDT: Grand Rapids @ Lake Erie

    So they have Tatar lining up the middle eh? I was wondering if he'd be better as a winger. And if he's on the 4th line, wouldn't it be better if they had him playing top minutes in Plymouth? Glad to see Emmerton finally explode for some offense.
  9. [GDT] 10/10 - Grand Rapids @ Toronto

    Thanks for the insight. I remember reading and hearing so many of the Wings brass/scouts comment on how Emmerton was a steal in the 2nd round. They really felt he was first pick material. I know he contracted mono in his first year after the draft and that slowed him up. He also played for an offensively challenged Kingston team. But like you said, with all the mini-hype he's been given by the Wings staff I would expect him to be a point-per-game guy in the AHL by now. I also agree wholeheartedly with your assessment on Mursak. Seems he has a high ceiling but has had trouble reaching for it. I just hope Tatar develops like so many believe he can.
  10. [GDT] 10/10 - Grand Rapids @ Toronto

    I have to say, I'm a little bummed that Emmerton hasn't turned out to be what I had hoped. I know he's young and could still turn into something good, but I was hoping he'd be on the top line in the AHL by now. I had heard Nill talk about how much he reminded him of Cory Stillman. That got me excited. But as of right now, for those who've seen him play personally, how far away from the NHL is he? Or does he even have a prayer of becoming a regular NHLer at this point?
  11. I agree. After the top 4-5 teams in the East the rest are garbage. In the West, it really doesn't matter what seed you are, you're a good team. From 1-12 the West is extremely strong. There aren't any Islanders, Lightning, Senators, Thrashers, Leafs in the West to beat up on.
  12. Eastern and Western Conference Predictions

    East Wash (weakest division) Bos (2nd weakest division) Philly Car NJ Pit Buf NYR (Lundqvist cures all) West Van SJ Det Chi Ana Cgy Min CBus
  13. Yes Staal is overrated. He makes $4M to put up 45 points. And watching him on the ice his thought process is extremely slow. I couldn't give a crap if he's considered the leagues best 3rd line centre. Big freakin' deal. In the exhibition game on Sunday he was their best player. But he screwed up at least 8 quality chances from making poor decisions or hanging onto the puck too long. And when you consider he'll be dishing the puck to highly regarded players such as Matt Cooke or Pascal Dupius his threat as an offensive player diminishes even greater. I don't believe for one second that the Cup winner is automatically considered the best team in hockey when the next season comes around. It's a case-by-case scenario. I don't recall anyone singing praises for the '94 Habs. I recall New Jersey not even making the playoffs in '96. Pittsburgh is a solid team, no doubt. But they have a lot of holes. Guerin is old and will need Crosby to basically bank shots off his ass to score more than 30. They better rely on Fluery and a lot of PP goals to save energy over a compacted 82 games this year - not to mention the Olympics. If anyone truly believes that the Pens are still the favorite to win the Cup, I say put your money where your mouth is. Bet me a case of beer or $20 that they win their division or make it past the 2nd round.
  14. That's the difference. The Wings suffered a bad 1st round exit after the lockout. But they've been near perfect the next 3 seasons. If not for fatigue and injuries we'd have 3 Cups in a row. Pittsburgh isn't nearly as deep as the Wings so I don't see them repeating this year. In fact, I'll be impressed if they even make it back to the conference Finals. The East isn't as defensively skilled as the West, but they're meaner. So unless the Pens draw an easy opponent in the 1st round it's going to be tough sledding. Imagine if they got Philly first? FINISHED.
  15. I'm tired of hearing all these 'experts' saying how the Penguins will win their division and probably have a shot at the Cup again. No they won't. They were lucky to have beaten us last year. We were physically and mentally drained from the previous season. Babock (and countless other coaches) have spoken about how winning the Cup makes for a short tiring summer because of the party's etc. And then when you start up you're reminded of how tough that climb is again. Pittsburgh will suffer the same fate. However, unlike the Wings, the Pens don't have nearly as much depth along the wings or defence. After their two 20-goal scorers in Kunitz and Guerin who's their next best wingers? 15-goal scoring sensations Fedentenko and Kennedy? OOOH! Yes, they have amazing depth down the center position (even though Staal is overrated), but their also thin on the blueline. After Gonchar and Letang they have a collection of 6th and 7th dmen. And lets not forget who just joined their division - Chris "F*** YOU" Pronger. How do you think Sid and Shrek are going to like tasting his elbows 6 times a year? You don't think that's going to wear on them? Or what if they meet them in the playoffs? I can't wait to hear Pens fans ***** and moan when they get to watch Pronger's 'physics' at work when he's body-slamming, elbowing or checking them into oblivion 80' feet away from the puck with no call. I know I had a blast watching Zetterberg receive more minor penalties than Pronger in last years 2nd round matchup with the Ducks. We're used to seeing that trash. Pittsburgh's players and their fans are going to have a stroke when they get to witness the Pronger double-standard in person. It also doesn't help that a lot of teams got tougher in the offseason while the Pens got weaker. Gill and Scuderi are both gone. That's quite a bit of sandpaper that flew the coop. I'm also not sold on Fleury being able to remain mentally stable for an entire year. In the end, I think Pittsburgh will make the playoffs but it won't be easy. And I see them getting bounced very early on in the playoffs. Too thin, too tired, and too many other teams got better around them.