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  1. The standards for jersey retirements are super high for the Wings and most teams. I think next to us the AVS might be the next most strictest team.
  2. Thanks for the link. So the rollback occurred and teams like the wings still had to buy out contracts to get more lower priced players signed. I didnt see the video of the OP but i cant imagine the cap going down all that much, although i wouldnt have imagined a 37 mil cap when we were spending like 70+.
  3. I am trying to recall what exactly happened at that time. Im not sure if its as you are suggesting that a proportional drop of all player salaries occurred to all the teams to keep them all intact. We had to buy out Hatcher if i recall to get under the cap. I believe the rule was created that still stands that any one player cannot make more than 20% of the overall cap. If your simply saying that the market for players adjusted to go along with the much smaller cap number then that would be correct. My memory could be foggy though or maybe im reading your post wrong. Sucks getting old. Now im thinking you are correct and the reason teams bought out higher priced players is because they needed to fill out roster spots with more players and couldnt get cap/roster compliant until they dumped the big salaries. It would be like getting rid of one big salary to take on 2 or 3 smaller ones. Oh well im sure someone will fill in my memory gaps.
  5. True. I had mistakenly looked at his current stats and thought they were his totals for last year haha. He is for sure on the downside of his career, however, and im sure will be on the block for rental if Phoenix is a seller. ?? Has Phoenix straightened out any of their mess with ownership yet and if not i doubt they will be making him a significant offer before this year is done if at all.
  6. Doan is in his final year of his contract. He could just resign in the offseason after a playoff run with whatever team he is traded to. This is assuming Phoenix may not be in the playoff picture which is obviously not a given but i dont consider them a serious cup-contender. As for Iginla. He always seems to have his name in trade talks these last couple years as Calgary has consistently under-achieved. It would take a lot more to get him though.
  7. For anyone who knows the best top-six rentals that might be available at or before the deadline can u list. In addition, not a top-six but Shane Doan could be this years Dallas Drake depending of the playoff status of Phoenix. He was a beast against us 2 years ago before he got hurt in that series. A little long in the tooth but could be effective on a third or fourth line with limited minutes.
  8. Dont remember this. It sounds suspiciously like an incident in 1994 playoffs vs the Sharks. Fedorov crosschecked a Shark (Cant remember which one?? Jeff Norton maybe) and then sort of pushed his face into the ice with the shaft of his stick. I think he got a couple of games to start the next season.
  9. With all the hollywood stuff going on in Detroit, I think hes just trying to revive his old show. I heard hes trying to recruit McCrimmon to play the role of Green Jeans so all you haters can take comfort.
  10. How much for Roy rooks as I beleive I got one hangin around.
  11. I have the worst hockey card collecting story ever. Me and friend collected cards back when we were young about 1978-1979ish and only for one year. We were insane and bought them at every opportunity. We would not only buy packs, but rather entire boxes. I think we kept buying because we thought we didnt have the team picture card for the four expansion teams from the WHA. Only later did we realize the four teams were on the same card with just their logos and not the team picture itself, but because of this misunderstanding we had collected the entire league set of cards at least 14 times over. You might have heard of a player who was a rookie that year by the name of Wayne Gretzky. So at one time I had at least 14 Gretzky rookies and you might by now know where this story is heading. Fast forward about 8 years or so 1987ish. I knew in my head the Gretzky cards were of some value even at that point. Never bothered to value them in a guide or anything so im not sure what I had in value even at that point. I knew a kid in high school who was a big hockey fan at that time and specifically a fan of Gretz so I gave him a few (probably 2 or 3 of the cards). I gave a couple more to a another friend and one each to 2 nephews totalling about 6 cards given away. The story only gets better. I separated the Gretzky cards out from the main gigantic box of cards that I had amassed (I had kept all of the cards as my friend who i collected them with had no interest after that first year). I kept the remaining Gretzky rooks in my bedroom closet on shelf by themselves. They remained there until my mom decided to clean my closet out a couple of years later as I had moved into a bigger room in the house. She had thought that they were just some odd cards that were of no importance so in the garbage they went. It wasn't until a few years later that I realized that they had been tossed and what they might have been worth. I had got the itch to collect again when Federov was a rookie and the card business exploded around that same time. I finally picked up a Beckett guide and saw the Gretz rooks going for like 300 to 500 at the time in 1991. Granted, none of the cards were mint so it would not have been a huge lump of cash but it might have bought me good used car at that time. A slight silver lining to the story. Because I had given 2 to another friend as stated above, he was kind enough to give one back a few years later.
  12. Is that Fischer cutting a big fart at the very end of that?? Sounded like a shart, maybe that's why he says oh!
  13. Has there been much mention lately of where negotiations are with Helm And Abdelkader. The actions of San Jose show you that teams are not necessarily afraid to poach a player from another teams RFA list. A team may look at Helm and see him as ready for a breakout year. Abby certainly has less value and isnt to worrisome. We need to get Helm signed.