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  1. Just a friendly reminder that this is a game thread. Let's keep it about the game itself, please. Any other discussion is welcome, but in an appropriate thread. Thanks!
  2. Profile>Settings>Notification Settings>uncheck "Play a sound."
  3. Ooooo, pretty!
  4. Doesn't look like it. And one is almost always up by now.
  5. Prize pack right now is a Lidstrom print, a regional-only Sports Illustrated with the Gordie cover, a program from Gordie's memorial service and a program and a rally towel from the home opener. I may or may not add to this - it all depends on what I come across. You would not believe the things I had to do to get an extra towel. I can't talk about it in polite company. I really hope it goes to a good home.
  6. Here are some pics from yesterday: Gordie Howe Entrance Stairway Red Carpet tunnel: For those who have never been to Detroit, the buildings in the background of this pic are in Canada! We entered insanely early, but it looked SO cool it was worth it:
  7. Yup. 208, our favorite section.
  8. Only 2 more games this month that need someone to adopt them!
  9. I use FF and it doesn't happen to me. I would recommend scanning with anti-malware (not anti-virus) and also make sure you do indeed have the most recent incarnation of FF.
  10. Yes, the kinder, gentler Kronwall that won't throw a hit to save his life anymore. He'll be a big help.
  11. Well, I fart in your general direction as well!
  12. Well, after the 1st that was a big steaming pile of crap. Instead of splitting of a post game thread, we'll keep in it here for tonight. Can we kinda sorta maybe keep it to game specifics, please? If you want to get into a convoluted lines discussion, maybe start a blueadams thread. S'right? s'right.
  13. Nice of the Wings to let us know in the very first game that the TTM penalties were going to keep on rolling this season.