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  1. Bob Probert passes away at 45

    Requiescat In Pace Probie Thanks for helping make the 80's Wings watchable.
  2. Fight in the stands

    I'm a MI transplant living in Cincinnati. One thing I have noticed since I moved here is Cbus has a real hard time admitting they are the third most relevant city/sports market in Ohio. Can't wait to get this series over so I can be done with the CBJ broadcasts. Curse you FSO! I did thoroughly enjoy the tone in Danny Gare's voice last night when he says "Zetterberg scored".
  3. Lidstrom using warrior equipment?

    Lids has a Warrior Dolomite Spyne (or at least the Spyne paintjob) stick Warrior gloves Warrior pants or pant shell Nike/Bauer one95 skates Hossa also wears Warrior gloves.
  4. Lord Stanley's Summer Tour 2008

    Abdelkader has the cup in Muskegon today. My Dad just called me to tell me he got his pic with it at Lakeshore arena. Pops knows the Abdelkaders from way back so I think he's going to drop by the party later as well. Justin will also have the cup at Mona Shores High School this afternoon before the party. I have to say as a Muskegon native and MS hockey alum I'm thrilled and grateful Justin brought the cup to the rink and the HS. Stanley's coming to Muskegon on Tuesday August 29, Muskegon Chronicle: The biggest prize in professional hockey was all the buzz at Mona Shores' gridiron Thursday night as Justin Abdelkader of the Detroit Red Wings came back to his alma mater for a brief pre-game ceremony to have his No. 89 hockey jersey retired -- and to make a special announcement. Abdelkader, who played in two games with the champion Red Wings last season and was on the team's postseason roster, announced at the football game that he will bring the coveted Stanley Cup -- the most revered trophy in all of sports -- to Muskegon on Tuesday. ... The public will get a chance to see the Cup and take pictures for free on Tuesday from 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Lakeshore Sports Centre, 4470 Airline. Lord Stanley's cup will then be going to Mona Shores for a school assembly and then to Abdelkader's parent's home in Norton Shores for a brief private party before heading back to Detroit, where star defenseman Niklas Lidstrom will be taking possession for a dinner party. "I'm glad to be able to bring the Cup home," said Abdelkader, 21, a 2005 Mona Shores graduate who was the state's Mr. Hockey in his junior year. "It's nice to be back here and I'm really humbled by getting my number retired and all of that. This is home. I'll always be a Muskegon kid."
  5. Stick Questions

    True, good call. The paint job is all about marketing. Completely disagree. The Dolomite (Inno 1100) is legendary in both durability and performance. You can get pro stock (granted no warranty) Dolomite shafts in 3 finishes (clear and two types of grip) and about 10 flex choices pretty easily on the web for around $60 new. Of course you still need a tapered blade which can be as little as $20 and as much as $55. The rest of the Warriors are a different story...
  6. why?

    200 MILES FROM NASHVILLE!! What a load of BS man. The game was a sellout, doesn't that eliminate blackout restrictions? Why does it have to be so damn hard to be a Wings fan in this part of the country. I'm thinking about getting a slingbox and putting it on my Mom's TV back in Muskegon next season. F VS. F Time Warner Cincinnati
  7. Tonights Wings Game...Minus 30 Minutes!

    TW Cincinnati won't carry VS. eventhough TW Dayton does. F TW cable.
  8. Pres. Trophy Presentation?

    If memory the past when the Wings had wrapped it up prior to the last day of the season the was an on-ice presentation before a regular season game. They will probably present it in a brief ceremony prior to Sunday's game.
  9. Maltby out; Abdelkader gets tryout contract

    I also know the Abdelkader's. Justin is a bit younger than me but I know the family. It goes without saying I'm thrilled for him and his family. It was nothing short of surreal watching him play last night. Being a Muskegon native it's nice to finally have a legit hometown kid make it to the NHL as well.
  10. D Mac

    I bet he gets his first shift coming out of the first TV timeout.
  11. The Official "Pierre McGuire's a Jerk" Thread.

    No one knows if Howard is the answer yet. Saying he's not is the easy way out.
  12. Hasek and Rafalski on IR - Ericsson & Hartigan Called Up

    I think IR is retroactive to the date of their injury. The can be placed on IR after sitting out X number of games and come off IR Y days from their injury even if they were placed on IR the day prior. I'm not sure how long you have to be on IR though. Hope this helps.
  13. Hockey Jersey

    Player/Coach Reg Dunlop???
  14. Downey vs. Parros

    Talk about doing your job. He engaged the right guy at the right time to produce the spark...then pulled the upset. Bravo! :beerbuddy:
  15. 12/4 GDT: Red Wings 4, Canadiens 1