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  1. Brule crushes Letang

    The "unwritten rule" is what I was referring to. I should have been more specific. In retrospect I am not sure how far away that Brule was from Letang when he started his "glide". From the replay, it didn't look like he took 4 or five strides in his direction and drilled him, which to me is a charge. By the strictest definition of the rule, half of the time that guys go into the corners they get "charged", yet it's hardly ever called. Personally I have seen more boarding calls being made over the years than charging calls. Point is, a ref can't catch every infraction every time. Interpretations of rules, unless there is a clear and obvious violation, is still subjective based upon the refs view on the ice when it happens. For example, I personally don't agree that a touch or tap on the opposing players gloves with your stick blade warrants a hooking call but how many times do we see that in a game? While I didn't and don't like the clutching and grabbing style of the early 90's, I am one of those fans that doesn't like to see 10 or 12 power plays a game, either. Life isn't fair. I think the refs should call the penalties that they are sure of or mostly sure of and if they aren't they should let it go.
  2. Lessard ejected for clean hit

    This. Close, but not a charge. So close in fact that I while I don't agree I could see the ref giving him a 2 min charging call considering their view from the ice and the speed of the game. But a misconduct? You gotta be f'ing kidding...
  3. Brule crushes Letang

    I wish some of the Wings would hit like this on a regular basis. Also, this hit is not a charge. If he would have continued to stride into Letang (moving his feet instead of gliding) it would have been charging. If you look at the replay, from the time Letang lets go of the puck until the hit it was roughly two seconds or slightly less, which in my book isn't late. You could argue that he left his feet but I also don't think that was significant either. It's not like he launched himself into Letang. Brule probably should have lead with the shoulder instead so there wasn't any question about the hit, but he definitely popped Letang in the chest and not the chin. If I were one of the Edmonton coaches Brule would have got an "atta boy" from me. Letang got his clock cleaned, plain and simple.
  4. stupid stuff other teams announce crews say.

    Is it me or does Doc Emrick have that Brick Tamland look to him? I don't mean that he literally looks like the character from "Anchorman", but when they show him speaking before a game he just has this happy-but-vacant look on his face and that same measured quality to his voice as Brick. That and the fact he says the same damn expressions over and over (see "waffleboarded"). I can just hear Doc saying, "People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks." Though he does have a doctorate degree (hence the nickname "Doc"), so his I.Q. is obviously higher than 48.
  5. Free Agency Thread

    Who's left that can drop the mitts?
  6. Det possibly interested in Nabby?

    Sid's got that covered.
  7. Jordan Leopold is ended by Andy Sutton

    Yeah, just ask Chris Pronger. Oh wait, that's right. He leads with elbows. Seriously though, I thought it was clean. Clean enough for a hit on a Penguin anyway. Awesome,crushing hit. Loving it!
  8. Mickey Redmond appreciation thread.

    I agree with the earlier posts about the Canadian announcers being homers. Mick will call it like he sees them. While you may or may not agree, you are going to get his (what I believe is) honest opinion. He calls out Wings as much as their opponents when they make a bonehead play or get away with an infraction. I am always grateful when I get the Detroit broadcast vs. the opposing teams. While a few of the other broadcast teams aren't bad (the Dallas guys are pretty good - the SJ guys are WAY overrated), I enjoy listening to Ken and Mick more than any of the others hands down.
  9. Favorite team or teams OTHER than the Wings

    Being from Ohio coupled with the fact that Hitch took his teams beating this year like a man, I like the Jackets even though they are a Central team. Other than that, Minnesota and Edmonton. They are just fantastic hockey cities. In the East, I have always had a soft spot for the Rangers. Everyone else I can take or leave, except the Ducks, Pens, and Preds all of whom I despise with the white hot fury of a thousand burning suns.
  10. QFT. Marginally more healthy Wings = No Cup for Picksburgh. Someone stated it before as well, but it's pretty simple why this won't be the Dynasty the fans are looking for. Salary Cap. Too much talent spread around on too many teams. They obviously have talented players but look at how many teams are really just a few decent players away from a serious run at the Cup (Chicago, if they can manage the cap issues - which they probably won't). The Caps have no where near the talent that the Wings do and THEY took the Pens to seven games. Detroit also benefits from the "team first" culture, stellar scouting and player development, and players more or less playing within their defined roles (the "system"). Put Sammy on another team and see how he does...oh, that's right. He was let go by 5 teams before finding a home in the D.
  11. Class and Hockey.

    Spot on. Grit isn't about throwing off the gloves and giving two handed slashes, it's going in the corners and coming out with the puck. It's finishing your checks. Like Coach Babcock states over and over, it's going to those hard areas and taking it to the net. You can be gritty without being a goon.
  12. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    Please forgive me for feeding the troll. Why is it that whenever a Pittsburgh fan cannot come up with a valid point in a conversation, they always resort to the "welfare" type of comments? It's basically a "your momma..." comeback. Classless, just like your team.
  13. Pittsburgh's Immaturity After Game 4 Cost Them

    QFT. Funny, I said the EXACT same thing to my wife during the third period tonight. I understand frustration, hockey isn't figure skating, blah, blah, blah. It says more about a team or person by how they lose than by how they win. If I were a player, I wouldn't want to win a Cup by gooning it up. What a cheap route to take.
  14. NHL Staff Writer: "Is [Crosby] Perfect?"

    Hey, when you are done with your crystal ball can I borrow it?
  15. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    Having a fighter or two is ok, but if that's all they can do then they are a waste of a roster spot.