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  1. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    No need to apologize. I have a lot of opinions and I know how to type. I wouldn't say "great." I'd go with...seasoned and eloquent. Gifted, maybe? No. Too strong. Just stick with great, I guess. You're welcome for the interaction. I had a few moments to spare. Can you get a screen shot of our conversation? Post it here, I'll print it and sign it for you, then send it back. You'll have it forever.
  2. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    As opposed to what? You guys were ripping the site so why shouldn't I jump in and defend it? I'm definitely not above a little message board give and take.
  3. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    Yeah. I don't really care about your philosophy about what things change in life. Little deep for me. I prefer to keep things a little simpler: someone credible told us something. We asked if we could post it. My readers are interested in it. We posted it. They read it and they're discussing it now. As for whether or not HF boards considers KK a "credible resource"? I care even less about that. Have a great night.
  4. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    Ok. You just narrowed all reporting criteria across the board. Teammates, managers, coaches, GMs, agents...no one should be used as sources if they claim to "believe they know" what their player/friend/client employee is going to do. The opinion we based the post on is credible. We verified his thoughts by going back and asking if he was sure we were being accurate and passing his beliefs along accurately. He was sure.
  5. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    I'll agree that the part about Babcock's complete ineptitude and borderline drunken judgment calls to keep Abdelkader and Cleary on a line with Datsyuk as being reasons for his departure? That's speculation on my part. Guaranteed. The part about him leaving after his contract expires? That is not and it's been verified. Edit: when I say "verified" I mean we went back to the person who gave us that information and asked if he was comfortable with us using it.
  6. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    I usually do, as you're aware. But I do have a childish tendency to defend my blog and especially KK in general. I'm working on it. Counseling and such.
  7. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    Got an example for that? Kukla's isn't even an investigative or direct reporting site. We're an aggregator with some commentary. Even at A2Y we've never claimed, not a single time, to have "broken" a story "here say" or not. It's not what we do.
  8. Datsyuk Leaving?!

    I've been blogging for 8 years and I've never posted a thing trolling for hits. I wouldn't have cited and used this source unless we trusted them and it's relevant now because of realignment. It's particularly timely now because Datsyuk is being completely wasted by Mike Babcock. Yes, it is. And show me one example where Kukla's Korner has ever "broken" a story without merit. We haven't. We verified the source, double checked with them and went with it.
  9. Articles on Meech and Babcock on Stuart

    I'll go way out on a limb here and say he was probably referring to the sportswriters (who are the worst in the nation in terms of cheese and homerism) when he made the leper colony statement. That article from Woody Paige, and this says a lot, was the worst I've seen from them in ten years. Ironic that the Free Press elected to link to it the day after they ran the tabloid crap George Sipple wrote about McCarty and his estranged wife...who, to me, appears to be the very definition of an enabler. Two days: two garbage articles.
  10. Ducks "class of the league"

    If I was objective, which I most definitely am not, I'd say Anaheim is the favorite right now. Selanne and Niedermayer are fresh. They've added Schneider and Bertuzzi. They're relatively injury free and they're finding their game again. Wings will have to be just as healthy and playing at the very top of their game to beat the Poultry in a series. Is it impossible? Of course not. But, dirty or not, cheap or not, distasteful as it is to us all: Anaheim is the class of the league right now. And if they land a scorer (Sundin, Hossa, Jokinen), they'll be even tougher.
  11. Kevin Allen answers questions at A2Y.
  12. Honestly, it sounds like Chelios is speaking almost hopefully...definitely not with any organ-I-zational info, but he did say on WDFN tonite that if Mac loses the weight and has the passion to play, Grand Rapids may be a destination, with a possible return to the Wings. A2Y
  13. Grigorenko in Russian Media

    Igor Larin, the hockey reporter for the Moscow Sport Express, interviewed Grigorenko yesterday. Full transcript is here.
  14. Fire On Ice

    I guarantee you can. My five year old drew a picture of a robot on a cardboard box yesterday that made more sense than the "fire on ice" effort. If you come up with one, email me at iwocpo@gmail.com and I'll post it. And, yes, it's a contest. Winner will have their banner displayed the entire season and I'll be forwarding a half-eaten block of cheese as additional reward.